World (Wide Web), meet Wallace Austin Krause.

Wallace Austin |

Born December 21st at 4:59 am, after a mostly short and intense med-free labor, weighing in at 9.1 lbs and measuring 21.5 inches long.

Wallace Austin |

I have SO much to tell you about him, about me, about 4 kids. But for now, I rest.. and cry because postpartum healing is the pits, if we’re being totally honest.

He is perfect, though, and adorable, and he mostly makes up for separating my ribs.

Wallace Austin | BabyRabies.comWallace Austin | BabyRabies.comWallace Austin |

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6 thoughts on “Well, I Had A Baby. Again.”

  1. If it helps at all, you’re basically my mommy hero. I wish I were together enough to have such beautiful photos of my babies…And I have half the children you do. You’re awesome cause you’re real, and I hope you have an easier postpartum time on this go around. Sending ?

  2. Postpartum healing is the worst! I always say that it is worse than the labor and delivery itself! I got 2 UTI’s and 2 Bacterial Vaginosis infections during recovery. The pits!!!

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