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My official due date is tomorrow. Not that that really means anything. It seems like I can count on my children being late, and I’m ok with that. Kendall and Leyna were both 4 days late. Lowell was 5 days late. I’m honestly not expecting this guy until sometime next week.

Or when it starts to snow on Sunday. That would be my luck. Dallas drivers are simply THE BEST when frozen stuff falls from the sky! The hospital is only 40 minutes from us on a good day with no traffic. It’s fine. We’ll be fine. I won’t have my baby on the highway.

I don’t know how quickly I’ll get a blog post up after he arrives, but I’ll probably share the news over on my Facebook page and Instagram first. 

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  1. I had my second child on the high way – Boston rush hour on the Pike. It wasn’t so bad! I mean, not awesome, but my husband delivered her, the police and EMTs were very nice, and we got the car cleaned by a biohazard company.

  2. The nearest hospital is 40 minutes away? I can’t get over that. I think I could get to 10 hospitals within 40 minutes with no traffic. It’s so different out there.

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  • So many feels. 😭
  • Lowell’s default pose anytime I try to get a picture of him with Wallace is to grab his neck 🤣🤣🤣 I think he’s trying to do my a solid by getting him to stay still, which, I mean.. it works? #loloyolo #wallaceaustin
  • We're all doing the best we can with what we have. Pass it on when you see another mom struggling. We could also use an ounce of encouragement.
  • We tried #BuildABear Pay Your Age  Day this morning and that wound up being a big NOPE (more in my stories!). That’s ok. We’ll settle for naps and another visit to the pool this evening.
  • Come 👏🏻 On👏🏻 Dads, do you feel the same? Makes us both so mad.
  • This one turns FIVE this month! Lately he’s gotten into Minecraft, which I kinda love because he’s bonding with his big sibs over it, but for a while it looked like it was taking over his passion for Mighty Machines (and all things construction and digging in the dirt) and that broke my heart because I’m not ready for this little boy to not be in love with those things anymore. The kids took a 2 week screen break (much needed and not nearly as awful as I thought it would be) and Lowell found his diggers and his dump truck again. All is right in the world now. I just want him to play with them forever, is that too much to hope for? 😌💙🚜 (Also, how cool is his Roadschool shirt from @hmschld ?! 💖) #loloyolo
  • Represent.
  • Happy 4th to you! May your neighbors abide by all city ordinances or at the very least only wake your baby once with their illegal fireworks. 🇺🇸