This is a project I’ve been marinating for over a year, and I’m finally ready to push publish. I’m so excited about the possibilities, the places this can go, and the people it can touch. I hope you’ll be able to participate in some way, either by sharing your story, sharing this project with your friends and family, or – my ultimate goal- taking the spirit of A Good Day In The Village with you, and lifting other parents up in whatever ways you can in your day to day life.


A waiter helping new parents by feeding their baby a bottle while they eat, parents publicly showing love and support instead of judgement for a family who lost their child to a freak accident, a man who buys a breastfeeding mother a meal while she nurses her baby- these are all great examples of A Good Day In The Village.

A Good Day In The Village | A celebration of people supporting parents. |

I want to celebrate and amplify the moments when people put judgement aside, and step in to support parents, and I want to share YOUR stories. Have you had A Good Day In The Village? Tell me about it! 

We are looking for blog posts to feature here on AND we’re looking for pictures and stories to feature on our @GoodDayVillage Instagram account, which I hope you’ll follow and cheer on!

This is the moment that inspired me to celebrate #AGoodDayInTheVillage. A year ago in an airport, the mother on the right left her children sitting in those seats while she talked with a gate agent a few yards away about a flight delay. The kids got restless after a few minutes and began to wander. I kindly reminded them to stay where their mother left them, and the mother on the left turned and began speaking to them in Spanish. She was making them laugh and engaging them, not scolding them. She kept them entertained until their mother returned. The moms look like old friends in this picture, but they’d only just met. Airports are stressful, and it’s easy to get agitated and frustrated. It was beautiful to watch one mom support another- to choose smiles and patience over eye rolls and judgement. I thought to myself, THIS is a good day in the village.

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Parenting is exhausting and confusing, it’s stressful and isolating sometimes. We are all better together, and the people who benefit the most from a strong village are our kids.

The goal of this project is to shine a positive light on people who are lifting parents, children, and families up. We want #AGoodDayInTheVillage to be a hashtag that pulls up stories that inspire. We want @GoodDayVillage to be one of your favorite Instagram accounts that always leaves you with a smile. We want the guest posts here to fill the echo chamber of judgement and critical open letters with moments of joy and camaraderie.

Submit your story by filling out the form here. 

Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a part of the village.

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