This is a project I’ve been marinating for over a year, and I’m finally ready to push publish. I’m so excited about the possibilities, the places this can go, and the people it can touch. I hope you’ll be able to participate in some way, either by sharing your story, sharing this project with your friends and family, or- my ultimate goal- taking the spirit of A Good Day In The Village with you, and lifting other parents up in whatever ways you can in your day to day life.


A waiter helping new parents by feeding their baby a bottle while they eat, parents publicly showing love and support instead of judgement for a family who lost their child to a freak accident, a man who buys a breastfeeding mother a meal while she nurses her baby- these are all great examples of A Good Day In The Village.

I want to celebrate and amplify the moments when people put judgement aside, and step in to support parents, and I want to share YOUR stories. Have you had A Good Day In The Village? Tell me about it! 

We are looking for blog posts to feature here on!

Parenting is exhausting and confusing, it’s stressful and isolating sometimes. We are all better together, and the people who benefit the most from a strong village are our kids.

The goal of this project is to shine a positive light on people who are lifting parents, children, and families up. We want #AGoodDayInTheVillage to be a hashtag that pulls up stories that inspire and we want the guest posts here to fill the echo chamber of judgement and critical open letters with moments of joy and camaraderie.

Submit your story by filling out the form here. 

Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a part of the village.

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  • Is there anything sweeter than a baby who learns to wave hi and then greets every single person, car, dog, and tree with a smile? #wallaceaustin
  • These two are #brothergoals ❤️❤️ Also? @kampgroundsofamerica jumping pillows are Playground #GOALS
  • Oh. Ok, handsome. 😍
  • There are so many fresh faces here, and I’m thrilled! My 15 month old is currently napping ON ME so I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to introduce myself and share more about Baby Rabies to you newcomers. 🤗 👋🏻 I’m Jill Krause, mom of 4 (nearly 10 year old son Kendall, 7 year old daughter Leyna, 4.5 year old son Lowell- we call him LoLo a lot, and 15 month old son Wallace). I’m married to Scott, my college sweetheart- MIZZOU 🐯 👶
Baby Rabies is what happens when your baby fever is incurable. And that’s what happened to me 11 years ago when I bought and decided to blog anonymously about my secret and sudden obsession with conceiving my first baby. 👬🤱 The logo is a play on a positive pregnancy test, but we love and embrace all kinds of families and caregivers around here, no matter how they came together. 💖
It is my greatest wish that this space is inclusive and supportive and uplifting, without feeling sanctimonious or void of humor. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are always open to improving ourselves, but perfection is never the goal. 🏞
I’m currently traveling the country in an RV with my husband and 4 kids. We sold our dream house last year to find our dream life. We are documenting that at So if you see pictures pop up and wonder why we spend so much time in an RV or why our baby has, like, 4 outfits, or why we seem to go on a ton of vacations- that’s why. 😆 ❓
Are you new here? I’d love if you’d introduce yourself below! ✨
  • I could hug whoever invented the puddle jumper floaties. Kids have no idea the torture we endured with blow up floatie wings back in the day. I can still smell the plastic and hear the awful noise they made when you had to take them off after you got wet.
  • Spring training for summer starts now. 🌞
  • Pic unrelated, but it's a cute baby and the thing I want to tell you about is super relevant if you're into babies! Tonight is the countdown to make sure you name is in for the over $3000 in awesomeness that one lucky someone is going to get! Follow the link in our bio before midnight tonight to see what's up! 🙌🏻❤️⬅️
  • "And some people say they can’t go biking because they have too many kids. I guess 4 is the limit...for now! 😀" How awesome is this snapshot from @cabinfeverbus?