Just because this is my 4th pregnancy doesn’t mean I’m, like, handling it like a champ- like a pro birther/ master breeder. You may think since I’m having ANOTHER baby that I really enjoy this whole process. I…. um… don’t.

So I’ve channeled all my negative energy into a new Instagram- @LettersFromMyFetus, and it’s been a lovely way to whine so far.

I started it the day I figured things out, and got a positive test. I really couldn’t understand how this happened, and still mostly can’t. Except, obviously, I KNOW. I mean…


And then there are all the opinions and conflicting feelings the fetus has about what I eat…


Except it is very confident in it’s love for one special meal…


Not only did I have some strong food aversions for a while, but I also had aversions to all the smells and all the people in my life. And an aversion to getting out of bed.




All of them.


So if you’re into pregnancy whines and fetus humor, this is the account for you! (And I mean, who’s not? Don’t answer that.) @LettersFromMyFetus #LettersFromMyFetus

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  1. You managed to sum up all the feels with this Instagram account (right down to the stinky dog–why does my dog smell like decay?!)! I think I’m going to have to get Instagram just to stay updated on your fetus’ snarky letters 🙂

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