When Your Lingerie Isn’t Bringing You Joy

I’ve not been a real sentimental person when it comes to things… possessions. I moved a lot growing up. We didn’t take unnecessary crap with us. Clutter makes me twitchy. I certainly have no problem getting rid of any piece of clothing I haven’t worn in years.


Except when it comes to lingerie. Is it sentimental to me? No. Is it functional? No. Does it bring me joy? Also, no.  Do I even ever wear it? Yeah…. no.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.29.02 AM

Listen, I am lucky to get dressed in actual clothes every day. And then I’m even more lucky to make it to bed that night in something that doesn’t have a combination of toddler snot and Nutella on it.

I honestly can’t even remember the last time I wore a bra and underwear that matched.

But what do you DO with lingerie?? I’m all for passing things on to the next person, but I mean… do people even want this? And if they do, I don’t think I want them to want it.

So this is a somewhat serious thing I want to explore, you guys. Am I the only one who has this guilty urge to hang onto it because… what? It’s like a bad omen, or something. Or like, you know, I COULD wear it if I wanted to. Okay? So maybe one day I might want to? But probably not.

I actually brought this topic up with some friends of mine last week, and then I joked that I should turn it into a memory blanket like people do with old t-shirts and their kids’ onesies.

And then I thought that would be amazing. And so I did. And I made this video. Enjoy!

(Funny side note: a lot of that is actually stuff I bought on clearance last week because I STILL couldn’t bear to part with all of my stuff…. that I will probably never wear again. But I am rewarding myself with matching bras and undies after this.)

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  1. LOL!! Love how your husband is eating out of the cups. But like you I have not purged any of mine either and never really thought about why. Maybe someday I will wear it again…but probably not!

  2. I put mine in one of those US Again bins because I believe they recycle the fabric. I hope so. Otherwise someone is walking around in my old lingerie ????

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