Every morning I wake my kids and ask them, “Did you grow last night?” And then I exclaim, “I think you did!”

Kendall, almost 8, is nearly to the point of rolling his eyes, though he does indulge me with a smile every now and then.

Lowell, 2.5, chatters excitedly, “Yup! I grow, momma! Beeeg!”

Leyna, 5, is the one who thoughtfully considers it. Somedays it’s yes, somedays it’s no. Side note- she keeps confusing “human” and “grown up” so she’ll often say things like, “I did, but I’m still not a human.”  I don’t try too hard to correct this because that’s just funny.

The thing about Leyna is that while I don’t notice her physical growth as much anymore (and hopefully not for a while because I need to take a break from buying this girl clothes), I see her personality, intelligence, and wit exploding right now.


I love that I was never the mom who was overly invested in what my precious baby girl wore because that would be one hell of a fall for me right now. She dresses herself with confidence and minimal direction from us, mostly just reminders to choose weather appropriate clothing and that leotards are not the right thing to wear to preschool.


Kendall loves music. He’s a KidzBop junkie. He’s never had an issue with me singing in the car. Leyna? Yeah, no. She’s gonna let me know real quick that I’m hurting her ears and to “please be quiet.” BUT! It seems I DO have permission to sing Bieber’s “Love Yourself” as long as she’s singing louder than me.

You guys, her “My momma don’t like you, and she likes everyone” line is so full of Texas twang. I must get a video. I’ll try to post it to Instagram soon.


For show and tell day at school, she took her dear Lambie, of course, and her book of choice was an Organic Vegetable Gardening book.

I know I’ve written about this before- about how she is nothing and everything I thought a daughter would be.


We spent a lot of time together yesterday, just doing girl stuff (if you classify washing the car as “girl stuff”).

She has Kindergarten Roundup next week, and I honestly only feel joy because she is going to slay at school and I can’t wait to see what she does when she gets a little more room to fly.


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  • I always keep teething oil in my bag these days. He has FOUR top teeth trying to come through. 😫I try not to stick dirty fingers in his mouth, especially right after I pump gas. 🤢So I also keep some @handzies soap and water wipes with me. #inmypurse
  • On our way to get the other three. We really loved spoiling Wallace this week and living that one baby life for a bit. I think he's bored of us now, though.
  • So thankful for my mom who has the energy and patience to not only watch these three but to take them to the beach all by herself. Like, that's not even something I'd attempt. She's such a badass.
  • Oh yes we did turn this #joovyspoon into a #stlblues mobile! I'm in love with the idea of personalizing one of our fav baby things this way! Must confess it was Scott's idea, but I ran with it and came up with some other ideas in today's blog post. PLUS!!! @joovy is giving away one Spoon walker (US only). Link in bio!
  • Managed to distract him from his fever for a bit with some snacks and a spoon in the Nook highchair @joovy sent. It folds up super compact so I'm hopeful it will work well in the RV. #joovynook
  • Of course he'd get his first fever the week we sent the other three to NaNa's and planned to be super productive. #babydontcare we have a house to sell. Snuggles come first. ❤
  • Arlo grew a little.
  • Another day, another house, another nap. Nothing, not even NaNa, can keep him from his love for sleep from 3-5 pm. #loloyolo
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