My kids are really into wanting to do videos with me lately. And they are really into cooking.

The combo of the two? Well, I hope you find it as funny as I do. This is non-scripted reality right here, folks.

You’re not going to learn anything you can’t find on the back of a cake box, but you’ll see me twitch while my son pours cake mix and ask him to “stop” about a billion times.

Do be sure you watch all the way to the very end for special bonus video that Kendall finds hilarious.


3 thoughts on “Adventures In The Kitchen With Kids!”

  1. Love it! That’s so how it goes at our house too. This weekend I made banana pudding and the girls (3 & 5 yrs.) wanted to help so I peeled a bunch of bananas and gave them knives – butter knives! – and let them have at it. We got all shapes and sizes but the girls had a great time and the banana pudding was delicious!!

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