Of course, there’s a story behind this, but for now, this is all I can share.


He’s an 8 week old English Mastiff. We named him Arlo.


Yes, after The Good Dinosaur.

Scott and Leyna wanted to name him Bowser, at first. I was campaigning for Slimer (because MASTIFF), and Kendall wanted to name him Mike.

But he is an Arlo.


Such a lover. He chose us. He wouldn’t let us leave without him.


We purchased him from a reputable breeder, and he’s AKC registered.

You guys, we set out to adopt, and I fully believe in the rescue system. I’ve rescued many animals. But that didn’t work out this time, and I am confident we made the right decision for our family with this puppy. More on that in another post.


For now, I have a baby to take care of. He’s SO good at going potty outside… if only I take him fast enough.


And yes, I took pictures of him yesterday because we know from experience that he will be SO BIG SO SOON.


More to come later this week on how we found him, why we decided to commit to him, and why he’s not a Christmas puppy.


5 thoughts on “Can’t Talk Long. Got A New Baby.”

  1. I have 2 labradors that I got from breeders and I still feel guilty about it sometimes. I’ve always wanted to get my pets from local rescue shelters but when it was time to get a dog they wanted to know so much information about our apartment and said our yard wasn’t big enough. It was really frustrating because I know a lot about dogs and how to care for them, but I understand why they shelters screen like they do. Now we are in a position where we will qualify to adopt and when the time comes we will! I can’t wait to see how big that little ball of smoosh gets!

  2. My kids’aunt and uncle got them a lab puppy last year as a Christmas gift, at Halloween, because the timing wasn’t exactly perfect, but our Bailey is perfect. She came at just the right time for our family. My parents had a mastiff for years they took in from a family friend. They are great family dogs. Happy puppy pixie dust!

  3. I love your baby puppy photoshoot! They stay that little for half a second, but for the rest of his existence, he will always believe he is that size. Have fun with him, he looks like a charmer!

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