I tried to get into the Vlogging groove last year, but it was pretty tough to keep up with. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to come up with super creative stuff. I do that a lot.

But then, in the spirit of done is better than perfect, I started up again. And now I’m just… talking… about (mostly parenting) stuff (so far). Literally that is my only objective. ¬†Granted, I hope it’s stuff you find funny or relatable. Hopefully both. Perhaps as I get better at this, I will find time to also brush my hair for you. No promises.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.47.08 PM

So I’ve been posting these videos to my Facebook page and to my YouTube channel, but since it was something I got back into when my blog was down I never posted any here.

Now it’s back up. (WITH A SHINY NEW APP!!! High fives if you’re reading this from the app! Did you get the push notification?) And I thought I’d share the two I’ve done so far here. For people who are just, like, only blog readers. I’m told this rare breed does still exist, and I do adore them…. you.

The first video of Stuff I Want To Talk About is Stuff I Miss From Before I Had Kids

The second video is Stuff That Is Strangely Satisfying For Parents

Hopefully there will be more at some semi-regular interval that is shorter than a year apart. I can’t imagine I’ll run out of stuff I want to talk about.

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