This is it! The beginning of the infection. The onset of Baby Rabies. If you think I sound crazy, you’re right. I totally was.

And this one is dedicated to all the ladies I met on Babies On The Brain message board. Can you believe I’m friends with many of them still? xoxox to you gals.

A couple technical notes- I am hearing from some of you that you are having issues playing the podcast from within the app. First, please be sure to update the app since many bugs were fixed with the last update.

If that still doesn’t work for you, 1. please tell me (and I’m REALLY sorry!) and 2. you can still access the episodes and listen to them via iTunes. 

Click here to listen to episode 3 if you’re visiting from my BabyRabies app.

1 thought on “Baby Fever Doesn’t Make You THIS Crazy- pod-ioBook, episode 3”

  1. I’m still not able to get the audio to play. My app is running version 1.1, is that the newest? If not, you might need to re-push the update.

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