“We just have to remember, he’s so young still. He’s only 7.”

I say stuff like that to Scott a lot. We are both quick to get frustrated with Kendall, and we throw things out there like, “bad attitude,” and “immature.”

But, he’s only 7.

As of this weekend.

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We’ve been reading Harry Potter together since late last summer, and we’re on the 3rd book now. I didn’t think he’d be so found of me reading to him from a book with no pictures every night. I didn’t think he’d sit still. I didn’t think he’d be delighted to get a chapter book for his birthday.

He’s only 7.

I gave him a blank, lined notebook this weekend (some conference swag I brought home with me from Mom 2.0, courtesy of Dove), and told him it was for him to write a book in, mostly expecting to find it with gum stuck between the pages under his bed in a month.

He began the “next Harry Potter book” last night- Harry Potter and the Wizard of Secrets. He’s halfway through the first chapter- Hungry Wizard. He’s outlined where the 2nd chapter- Wizard Secret- will begin.

He’s only 7.

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7 year olds can write chapters of new books, but sometimes it’s hard for them to understand why nobody threw the ball to them during their baseball game. Sometimes 7 year olds throw themselves on the ground and cry like a toddler when they don’t get what they want, and sometimes they quietly work in the garage for hours, inventing things.

7 year olds are also great arm pit fart students.

Here’s to 7!

2 thoughts on “He’s Only 7”

  1. Awww. We say, “He’s only 6. He’s only 2,” a LOT around here. It IS hard to remember when your children are geniuses that they are BABY geniuses. *Sniff* So precious. Now, I want to see pics of YOU doing armpit noises!

  2. Brilliant! I often think 7 is actually about how old my husband is so it must be so cool when their kids hit the same age as them 😉

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  • I always keep teething oil in my bag these days. He has FOUR top teeth trying to come through. 😫I try not to stick dirty fingers in his mouth, especially right after I pump gas. 🤢So I also keep some @handzies soap and water wipes with me. #inmypurse
  • On our way to get the other three. We really loved spoiling Wallace this week and living that one baby life for a bit. I think he's bored of us now, though.
  • So thankful for my mom who has the energy and patience to not only watch these three but to take them to the beach all by herself. Like, that's not even something I'd attempt. She's such a badass.
  • Oh yes we did turn this #joovyspoon into a #stlblues mobile! I'm in love with the idea of personalizing one of our fav baby things this way! Must confess it was Scott's idea, but I ran with it and came up with some other ideas in today's blog post. PLUS!!! @joovy is giving away one Spoon walker (US only). Link in bio!
  • Managed to distract him from his fever for a bit with some snacks and a spoon in the Nook highchair @joovy sent. It folds up super compact so I'm hopeful it will work well in the RV. #joovynook
  • Of course he'd get his first fever the week we sent the other three to NaNa's and planned to be super productive. #babydontcare we have a house to sell. Snuggles come first. ❤
  • Arlo grew a little.
  • Another day, another house, another nap. Nothing, not even NaNa, can keep him from his love for sleep from 3-5 pm. #loloyolo
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