Every now and then someone will question or comment about why I don’t write and share more about Leyna.

Listen, I promise she’s not some poor, neglected middle child.

I try to be careful about only sharing what is my story to share, and as my kids get older, the story becomes more and more theirs.

But mostly, she’s just… not putting up with my shit, not having any part of my Instagram game. Every now and then I’ll luck out, or I’ll literally PAY her to take pictures (when it’s part of a blog campaign that I’m getting paid for, which I think is only fair).

She really just doesn’t enjoy posing for me, or modeling, or showing off stuff. Or standing still. Or looking at me if I’m holding a camera.

As evidence, here are 9 times Leyna just could NOT with me and my camera:

1. Just this past weekend at A Day Out With Thomas…


Can you… not?


Oh, I’m sorry. Were you trying to get us to all take a picture? TraLaLaLaLa! After I finish this jig. Maybe. Prolly not.

2. At the pumpkin patch



3. For this project that I PAID HER FOR

IMG_9463That’s right. It was a PAID gig. Not bribery. There’s a difference. Okay?

4. At her birthday party


Yeah, if you could just not mess up the makeup… mmmmhmmm… air kissses! Are we done?

5. Basically every normal day of her life


Um, it’s a cup? With a straw? I’m drinking water? Is this.. worth documenting?

6. When she just wanted a freaking cupcake and everyone was doing the Chicken Dance


7. That Easter she just wanted to eat her Peeps in private


8. When I brought her to her brother’s football practice

A photo posted by Jill Krause (@babyrabies) on

9. Every. single. time. those damn bluebonnets bloom




No, but really, you need more of that bluebonnet protest in your life. Go read this classic post now. 

20 thoughts on “9 Times Leyna Just Could Not With Me And My Camera”

  1. These are all hilariously adorable, but number three had me cracking up. You look gorgeous & Leyna’s all “I am NOT here for this.”

  2. Love that girl!! She’s got spirit, yes she does! Right now, my almost 3 year old toddler is in the “jazz hands” “look at me” phase, I am not quite ready for this. Your girl is growing up!

  3. I feel you on this – one of my twins just does NOT care to have his picture taken. Leyna’s expression in the pumpkin picture reminds me of the “Kayla is not impressed” memes after the Olympics a few years ago.

  4. no.8…. Just… O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! But probably not fun to go through… But so funny to look at! Sorry! lol

  5. I just purchased this CD for my Son (X-mas gift)My passion for music seems to have permeated to my children.I love enigma so do they.( almost 15 years Later LOL) If you appreciate good music you can not resist but fall in love w/enigma.The style is exhilarating yet relaxing!Enigma’s Awesome!Can’t wait for next CD!Blessings Enigma

  6. My Condolences to the William Family, I am so sorry for your loss of Colin Peter did not have to die in this manner. This is not the St. Lucia I grew up and was raised in, it has surely changed. I am a St. Lucian living in Canada and I am very embarrassed. My God give you the strength to deal with such a difficult situation and may God bless you and continue to speak good things about the island. Once again, I am sorry.

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