When our dog Bruno had to wear the cone of shame for any reason (and there were many), he would just… sit there. Motionless. Shifty eyes. I lacked the compassion to feel bad for him. It was infinitely hilarious.

The fact that I got these shots without blur from shaking the camera while laughing must mean I have shock absorbers for arms because I had the same reaction as Lowell sat, motionless, SO suspicious with his shifty eyes, as he got his first haircut last week.


Not complaining! It was the cutest ever, and hands down the easiest first haircut we’ve been through. Also, the 2nd first haircut at Sweet & Sassy because this is what happens when you have a big sister who also needs a bang trim.


Just sitting there… for, like, 15 minutes.


Not trusting anyone enough to move.


Except there was a noise when someone dropped something. It seemed to shake him from his catatonic state.


But still, the suspicion remained.



Trust NO ONE with scissors to your head. Remain motionless, and perhaps they will move on before lopping off your ear.

This one is a calculated kind of smart.


4 thoughts on “A Calculated Kind Of Smart (And A First Haircut)”

  1. Too funny! This was pretty much my son’s response to his first haircut. Very serious face. I’ll pay $20 every time to go to the kid’s place with cartoons, toys, cool chairs, animal crackers and very fast stylists.

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