I’ve been itching to get the kids rooms done since the day we moved in. The way my brain works, it’s like the reverse of if you If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

I want their rooms to be orderly, which means we need to organize closets and drawers, but there’s no point in organizing if we’re just going to destroy it when we finally paint, so let’s just do that first.

And plus, it’s nice to see something complete around here. (Except not complete because she still needs a headboard and we now need to organize and such.)

ANYWAY, the point is, we painted Leyna’s room this weekend. And of course by “we” I mean Scott did.

I picked out the colors and the stencil, though!

Which is why he hated me for about 48 hours.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

But it was totally worth it (says the girl who didn’t paint it)!

So if you would also like to achieve this look and push your sanity to the brink of a meltdown, read on.

Oh, and here are the supplies and paint colors we used:

Royal Design Studio large Modern Stencil Polka Heart stencil

Ultra dense foam roller

Clear caulk (and caulk gun)

Painters tape

Blow dryer

Ralph Lauren Golden Buttermilk (metallic gold, Home Depot)
Martha Stewart Plum Wine color matched to Behr paint (dark purple, Home Depot)
Martha Stewart Phlox color matched to Behr paint (light purple on surrounding walls, Home Depot)

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

Step 1. Understand that you are absolutely nuts. You’re just plain crazy. This is a ton of work. Embrace it or don’t do it.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

Step 2. Tape your stencil to the wall. (The stencil is smaller here than it originally came because we cut it down when we came to the end to fit the edges.) We started at the bottom, but if we did it again, we’d start at the top. Not that we’re ever doing this again.

Step 3. Outline the hearts in caulk. Each and every one.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

Step 4. Rub the caulk into the edges, making sure the entire edge of each heart is covered.

Step 5. Paint your hearts by rolling your foam roller over them. The good news is you can go a little heavier with the paint than you would be able to without the caulk, but still, don’t load your roller up too much! We had to do 3 coats. And in between coats…

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

Step 6. We used the blow dryer to speed drying time up between the 3 coats. Yup, each and every heart got a little blast of air. Twice.

Step 7. Continue all the above steps until your entire wall is covered.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

The stencil is going to get caked up. You’ll have to be sure you’re at least wiping the back so the caulk doesn’t build up and cause the stencil to not sit flush against the wall. We did clean our stencil and peeled the paint off halfway through.

The caulk is the reason we were able to get crisp-looking hearts. Our walls are very textured, and without the caulk, it was like… not going to happen. Nope.

When you peel the stencil away from the wall, you’ll see the white caulk around the edges of the hearts, but don’t worry! If you got the CLEAR kind, it will dry clear.

Now, being the perfectionist that Scott is, he still went back and touched up some spots and edges of some hearts, but that was minimal.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

Step 8. Forgive your wife for coming up with this INSANE idea when you see the joy on your little girl’s face who happens to LOVE all things purple, and hearts, and polkadots.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

It’s been drawn to my attention a few times that wallpaper or vinyl decals could also achieve this look for possibly less work, and those are great options for some people/rooms!

Unfortunately, we’ve had terrible luck with vinyl decals on our textured walls in the past. They peel very easily, and an entire wall of them would end up costing much more than a stencil and a can of paint (and be super tempting for little fingers to pick at).

That said, if the vinyl decals are something you’re looking for, I found this company on Instagram that sells them.

Wallpaper is just… not really our thing.

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

How to get crisp stencil lines on a textured wall! Heart Wall tutorial from BabyRabies.com

I didn’t realize what a kick ass photo backdrop this would be until I took these pictures. Looking forward to many more bed-jumping photo shoots!

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18 thoughts on “The Heart Wall Tutorial- How To Get Crisp Stencils On Textured Walls”

  1. Okay, I thought this was time-consuming looking just from the pics of Scott and Leyna you posted last night. The caulk?! I don’t think my marriage would be up to this test. Although, it looks absolutely amazing!! So great idea! And great execution to Scott!

  2. That one photo your husband looks like he really does want to kill you…however it is GORGEOUS. Tons of work, but so pretty.

  3. This is too cute. And based on yesterday’s pictures, I thought, ‘how hard can it really be’. Then I saw the size of the stencil versus the size of the wall. INSANITY!!!

  4. How great of a dad is he?? (you’re fantastic too). The picture of the two of them on the bed is just the cutest thing ever…

  5. I was looking at this blog post and dreaming of one day when we own our home, and my 3 year old saw it and said, her dad is so cool!

  6. What exactly is the caulk for? If you had the typical smooth walls would you still do the caulk step? I bought some stencils but have yet to tackle the project.

  7. So, it could be the exhaustion from spending hours working on a stencil on my very textured walls just to realize it’s a complete and total mess so I have to redo it… or maybe I’m just not that bright. Either way, I’m not understanding. Heellllp! 🙂

    The caulk goes just around the edge of the shape? (In my case that super popular Moroccan print.) Or do you spread it all over the inside of the shape? Does it go onto the stencil, like ‘gluing’ it down? And then do you wait for the caulk to dry or just put paint over it immediately?

    Please ignore me if this is painfully obvious but I have reread your post and analyzed each picture but can’t figure it out! lol

    Thank you!!

    1. Totally not obvious at all!

      It just goes on the edges. It’s supposed to make a seal between the stencil and the wall so the paint doesn’t seep under the stencil. Does that make sense?

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