I pinned the idea for these peppermint ornaments a few months back, thinking they were so stupid simple that they had to be too good to be true.


The post that inspired me has been pinned over 685k times, so obviously I’m not the first one to think they are brilliant. Be sure to click over to read the full post on how to make them on Hello-Homebody.com

I have a few notes to add to the original post, so here’s a little more about how we made ours.


It took my oven just about exactly 7 minutes each time (at 350) to get to just the right melting point. At 5 minutes, they didn’t look melted at all, so it happens really fast. Stay by the oven and keep an eye on them.


I thought I’d try to make them look sparkly by adding sprinkles to them, but this DID NOT WORK. The sprinkles have a higher melting temp, I guess. They didn’t stick. I came up with another way to add some sparkle. Stay tuned for that.


Ummmm… probably don’t use painted cookie cutters. Unless you want your ornaments to look like they’re bleeding. Also, you might have to make the holes for the ornaments a few times, as the candy will try to close back up on itself. Just keep poking at it until it stays.


Some of the candy will probably seep out from under the cutter. This is fine! Wait until it’s cooled, then just break it off.


Ours had lots of sharp, rough edges once we removed them from the cutters. This was easily remedied with a nail file.


And then, time for some glitter! This stuff is what my Christmas dreams are made of- Krylon Glitter Blast in Diamond Dust.

I sprayed them outside on a cool, dry day, but the ornaments still got sticky. No worries, though. Once I brought them inside and let them sit for a few hours, they dried right up.


Obviously, once you put glitter spray paint on them, they are no longer edible. But so glittery! And I think the spray paint helps finish them.

We won’t be keeping these for next year since we have to store our decorations in our attic, and we live in Texas. If you have access to cool, dry storage year round, you might be okay. I’d just make sure they’re not touching other ornaments when you store them, and put them between sheets of parchment paper.

Two thumbs up from me for this Pinterest project!

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15 thoughts on “Pinterest Win! These Candy Ornaments Actually Work”

  1. this looks like something the kids would enjoy! But always being the worrier, what about ants? Luckily we don’t have mosquitoes or my least favorite, roaches, out where we live, but we do have ants. I would assume that we would end up with a trail climbing up our tree. Do you think the glitter would keep them away?

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