I Bet I Hate That Elf More Than You #InappropriateElf

For the past 3 years, this blog has been home to a contest that encourages snarky fun with little elves, known as the Inappropriate Elf contest. It started when I jokingly posted some pics of our Elf On The Shelf doing some not so appropriate things, just to be silly and random.

InElf copy

That post went viral, and the contest was born because so many others had hilarious ideas for what to do with those elves that did not involve setting up miniature snowball fights and tiny cups of hot chocolate. It was a great outlet for many of us, especially when we needed to remind ourselves not to take everything so seriously this time of year, and that Pinterest doesn’t actually award any fun prizes.

2011 Elves
2012 Elves
2013 Elves

But I did! I’ve given away iPads and cameras to the winners. I’ve curated bad-ass panels of guest judges. I’ve spent my entire last 3 Decembers obsessing over this elf in a way that most, even the most devoted and crafty EOTS parents, do not.

He ruined the holidays for me.

No. Scratch that. It’s not the elf’s fault.

The complaining, and the arguing, the content theft, and the drudgery of all the details of such a huge undertaking ruined it for me.

I wanted to keep the tradition going because I know so many of you look forward to it, but as the time crept closer this year, I really just could not find any fucks to give about it. I don’t even know where our elf is in our half-packed house right now.

If I find him in time for some Random Act Of Kindness challenges for my own kids, I’ll be happy.

So, instead of forcing myself through another year of drama and angry emails, I’m just not going to do the contest.

BUT I would still LOVE to feature some of my favorite Inappropriate Elves throughout the season. Email me or tag me in yours! I won’t feature ANYTHING here that is not submitted by it’s original owner/creator so that I can give proper credit, but I’d love to post my favorites each week so that this place remains home of the #InappropriateElf without staying the reason-why-I-dread-December.

To kick things off, here are just a few of my favorites from the last 3 years-

FartLight #InappropriateElf | BabyRabies.com

FartLight Elves 

 Sh*tterSh*tter’s Full Elf

Alien #InappropriateElf | BabyRabies.com

Alien Elf

She Didn

She Didn’t Know Elf

I hope you all still have fun, and lots of inappropriate fun with your elves this year. I hope the absence of a contest from this mischief makes it more enjoyable for all of us. No more listening to me whine about major websites stealing my work, no more posts to my FB page about the unfairness of the pornographic elves being DQd from the contest.

I feel better already! And can’t wait to share more of your hilarity. I’m counting on you to bring it because I truly don’t know if I’ll ever find our elf again. You can email me via the contact form on here, or send to jill at babyrabies dot com.

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