Kids love toys, sure, but kids also love NOT toys. You know, stuff that they don’t normally stumble across in their quest for the newest Lego set at Target? My little cousin was obsessed with office supplies one year. Like, legit ones from an office supply store. None of this tiny little notepads for small hands business. No. She wanted real notepads and real Post-its.

Stuff like that is fun and novel, and mostly cheap!

It’s widely known that kids love boxes. Just plain ol’ empty boxes bring them hours of imaginative joy. But, we found out our kids were thrilled with other types of moving supplies, too, last month.

Packing bubbles were popular, but I’m not going to rush out and buy a whole new roll of those just for funsies. ::twitch::

The packing paper, though, was and still is such a hit with the kids that I’m getting a new package, wrapping that bad boy up, and throwing it under the tree.


The 24×24″ sheets (70 to a $6 pack at Home Depot) are just big enough for the kids to make treasure maps on, or fold into booklets. What’s left of the original pack is strewn about their desk, and I often find one or both of them up there, quietly doodling away.

Best of all? No more begging me for printer paper! And this stuff works great as gift wrap for all those birthday parties that sneak up on you.

If you can’t get to Home Depot, you can get a pack of 120 24×24″ papers for $9 on Amazon. 

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