Here at our new home! Also “Here!” as in “Alive!”

Just in case you were worried some scaffolding fell on me.

Oh yes, Scott is alive, also. And our ceiling is half painted now.

We are incapable of not taking on enormous DIY projects.

(For those wondering, no, we don’t own scaffolding. We rented this setup- 15 feet- from Home Depot for about $100 for 24 hours.)

The brown/tan paint is being replaced by greige and grays (Behr’s Wheat Bread and Behr’s Dusty Mountain, mostly). It’s going to take a while, but it’s exciting to see how different and refreshed this place looks even with a few half-painted walls.

Seriously, nothing transforms a house like paint. Okay, well nothing that you don’t have to re-mortgage the house to afford.

I’ll try to have more pictures for y’all soon. But first, so much more coffee in my face and emails and work and boxes and more paint.

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  1. From the few pictures I’ve seen it looks amazing! I would like to transform our house from builder’s beige to gray. We would definitely need scaffolding but it terrifies me! Scott is brave.

  2. I work as a graphic artist for a company that sells rental tools & equipment. I was admiring your scaffold photo and wondering whether you would let me use it in our next catalog. Then I realized that the higher ups would never let it go to print since he’s not wearing safety gear. Oh well. A girl can only dream of non-industrial images.

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