An Update On The House Buying/Selling Situation


The experience of selling our house and buying a new one has been pretty similar to planning our wedding. At first, we were like, “OMG YES! So fun! Make it so pretty! Allllll the ideas!” And then I started pinning things like crazy (except that Pinterest didn’t exist when I got married and BACK IN MY DAY we cut ideas out of magazines that were MADE FROM PAPER).

But then there were contracts and vendors, and we started bleeding money, and days before the big day we’re like, “Why didn’t we run off to a romantic island and build a hut from grass at sunset with our closest friends and family?”

The biggest similarity is that by the end of the planning and prepping, we are both like, “Welp, I hope we love each other (and the house) forever because NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. Stuck for life.”

It’s been hard to get excited about the new house because it’s been a rocky few weeks with our buyers. And then there’s always the fear that something random will happen before closing, like the zombie apocalypse or a massive Ebola outbreak that shuts down the entire city.

I have an overactive imagination.

Assuming nothing blows up over the next 4 days, though, we are all set to close on both houses next Monday. Like, we will be moving boxes into our new house this time next week.

Seventh Generation diapers when I can't cloth diaper-


So now it’s full-on packing mode. The house is covered in giant boxes, which is a toddler wonderland!

Seventh Generation diapers when I can't cloth diaper-

Seventh Generation diapers when I can't cloth diaper-

The sacrifices and the stress will be worth it in the end. We are all looking forward to moving on and settling in. We know quite a few of our new neighbors, and we each have big plans for different parts of the house. Scott is already dreaming up a new garden. The kids are looking forward to playing in the big driveway. I am so pumped to decorate my new craft/photo studio!

All that’s standing in our way is a little ol’ move, and writing a giant check.

And lots of boxes.

Seventh Generation diapers when I can't cloth diaper-

A huge thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post and sending Lowell a ton of their new Touch of Cloth disposable diapers. When Lowell isn’t in cloth diapers, he’s been in Seventh Generation diapers since the day he was born, so this is such a natural fit for us.

I had to pack up the cloth diapers when we put the house on the market because it just wasn’t something I could keep up with right now. The upside is those diaper boxes are the perfect size for Lowell to help pack his own toys.

Yeah, get to work, buddy.

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    • They are at Target now! Per the info they sent me, they are the first and only diapers to be made using cotton that is cleaned without any chemical treatments or water, which keeps them really soft.

  1. We’ve used 7th generation for both kids (3.5 years total- gDiapers thrown in there for about 5% of the time (daycare doesn’t allow cloth/reusable)). i really liked them, but they just recently changed their product. I liked their original version much better. Do you have any opinion on that? besides leaking more often and the tape not sticking, now they are white. I thought the whole reason they were beige before was because the didn’t ‘bleach’ the content/ paper? So does that mean it’s bleached now? I guess I didn’t have a chance to read their packaging and just went ahead and switched brands.

    • Are you talking about the Free & Clear diapers? They have 2 lines of disposables now-the Free & Clear (brown) and these, the Touch of Cloth. You may have just picked up a different box? The browns are actually dyed to be brown, because, from my understanding, they look pretty gross and maybe gray without? But they dye them with friendly, non-toxic dyes. At least that’s how it was explained to me. These, the touch of cloth, are made with materials that actually come out looking this white, so there is nothing done to them.

      • that is good to know- thanks for the reply. Yeah, we used to use the Free and Clear and then got a box of the Touch of Cloth. I didn’t realize they had 2 kinds. Maybe our Target only carries the Touch of Cloth now? I don’t know. My WAHD hussband is the one usually buying diapers after he picks up the older one from school, so I haven’t seen their inventory- I’ll have to go find out.

  2. The whole home buying / selling process sucks ass!! We had a whole bunch of difficult buyers during our house sale. Three walked away for various reasons out of our control and the fourth made our realtor and us work really hard to get the deal closed. I have my fingers and toes crossed that both deals close for you.

    P.S. Trying to read your blog through bloglovin on an iPhone is not user friendly. The link to your post takes me to your main page instead of the blog post. It is a PITA, but I mutter through each time so that I can read your posts. And the Home Depot ad at the bottom is obnoxious, but I completely understand why it needs to be there. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your world with us.

    • So sorry to hear the experience is bad! I’m still working with my designer to tweak the mobile experience. I don’t know anything about the bloglovin side of things, though. The HD ad is a necessary evil, though you should be able to click an X to make it go away, but I’ll def. work on updating the mobile experience soon!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Jill. I know it has been stressful but believe me, the relief you will feel when you realize that you are moved in is heavenly!

    I hope you will blog about this new photo studio of yours because I am looking for inspiration for mine!

  4. Sweetinsahmnity on

    We recently listed our 1st ever home we bought after getting married. It’s stressful at times and we’re praying someone makes an offer. The plan was to stay here 2, 3 years Max. Then, the market crashed more than anyone thought it would and we had 2 comps sell at 100,000 less grab they should’ve, but they needed out quickly. One was an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s and the other had a sick child. So, we waited and now we’re praying it sells.
    Also, I’m just like you with the overactive imagination. Lol!

  5. Wow, what a rush! We have been in our home for nearly two years and I’m still it over the packing, moving, storing and unpacking… Not to mention the paperwork. Hope you didn’t get too bad a writer’s cramp! ????

  6. Molly Stillman on

    JUST went through this exact mess – buying and selling a home – and boy it is STRESSFUL. i can only imagine!! so happy for y’all though!

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