I got another box from Stitch Fix last week, and it was so much better than last month’s. Quite a few people requested I share what they send me again, so here ya go:

(No, I’m not totally obsessed with my phone. I have an app on it that lets me use it as a remote for my camera. I do these things when I have the house to myself because 3 kids. Hence the posing with the phone in less than stellar lighting.)

stitch fix pieces for august

I loved this navy/red top before I even put it on. It was one of those where I was like, “Please fit, please fit, please fit,” as I pulled it over my head. It will be easy to take this into cooler months with a cardigan and jeans. I paired it here with a skirt I already had in my closet.

41Hawthorn Flynn Colorblock Sleeveless Blouse- $58- KEEP

stitch fix pieces for august

I liked the idea of this top, and was on the verge of keeping it, but it just didn’t flatter me enough to justify the price tag. I don’t really need long ties drawing attention to and adding to my already big boobs. I don’t know. If I’d liked everything else enough to keep, I would have kept this one just because it would have been discounted, and I would have worn this with a cardigan or maybe a belt.*

41Hawthorn Bell Chevron Textured Tie-Neck Blouse- $68- SEND BACK

stitch fix pieces for august

Oh dear God. Yeah, let me put this super stretchy clingy dress with horizontal stripes on. That will look great on my not-toned tummy and huge boobs. NOPE. I didn’t even have to try this on to know it wouldn’t work, so you’re welcome for the extra effort I took for this pic.

(And check out that bruise on my shoulder from my vicious baby!)

Under Skies Connor Racerback Mixed Striped Maxi Dress- $58- SEND BACK

stitch fix pieces for august

Okay, these pants? They’re like pajama pants. But socially acceptable to wear in public ones! So, like, OBVIOUSLY keeping those. And the shirt is a great staple for cooler weather, but not so hot I can’t wear it with shorts as the summer comes to an end. And the price of both of these was too good not to say yes. I was shocked at the price of the pants!

41Hawthorn Aspen Boat Neck Striped Cotton Tee- $48- KEEP
Kut From The Kloth Tivola Wide Leg Chambray Pant- $48- KEEP

*The thing to remember is if you do keep all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount. So sometimes, if there’s just one piece you don’t like, it almost doesn’t make sense to send it back. I know friends who will keep the 5th piece and save it for a gift.

Have any of you started to receive Stitch Fix shipments? How did your last box work out for you? Do you have a Pinterest board for your stylist? I just started one. Hoping I can get them to send me some more… bohemian-inspired pieces? But nothing too crazy. And some more bright colors and patterns.

**All Stitch Fix links are affiliate links, this is not a sponsored post.

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15 thoughts on “Stitchfix August Box- What I Love, What I Don’t”

  1. The phone in your hand reminds me, you reviewed camera apps a while ago and I loved the camera+ app until it got super glitchy recently, can you recommend any new apps? Or do another blog post

  2. I am waiting on my first box today. Even after the pricing scandal a couple of weeks ago…I can’t find the time kid-free to make any effort for myself and my wardrobe is sad. So very sad. I am hoping I like 3 pieces. Too hopeful? IDK.

  3. Hi Jill!!! How’s the sizing on the pants? True to size? After your endorsement I immediately googled and found them at macys.com but was wondering about the size… Thanks !

  4. Got my first box and am wearing the shirt I kept. The other tops were ok, but not enough to justify the price. I wish I had gotten your pants! And I love the navy and red top!

    1. You fill out a style profile. It’s pretty detailed. They bill you a $20 styling fee upfront. Then you decide what to keep after you get it. Your $20 styling fee is applied to the purchase as long as you keep at least one thing. If you don’t keep anything, you lose the $20 fee.

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