I’m Drunk On All The Snot In My Head

I think this post might come off like I’m drunk, but really I’m just drowning in my own snot all up in my head. I have a sinus infection from hell.

I mean, that’s just me self diagnosing. We’ll see what the doc says in a few hours. But basically my brain feels like a very ripe zit right now. Like, you could probably pop my face, and a gallon of mucus would spew from between my eyes.

Anyway, oh is it lunchtime? I’m so sorry.

I’ve been sick for at least a month now. I got a cold or something  and it just never went away. It turned into a sore throat, and now this. Flying the last two weekends was brutal. Like, I was looking at the flight attendants as they passed with a face that was trying to say, “NO BUT REALLY AM I DYING?” but none of them seemed concerned. I guess the feeling that an actual knife is stabbing your between the eyes is a normal one in the air-business.

Oh yes, I’ll take the can of cold soda, please, so I can PRESS IT TO MY FOREHEAD AND CRY. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

The being sick and tired thing all the time is getting really old. I’m forever missing deadlines and play dates and crap, and I’m sure people are like, “We know. We know. You are ‘busy’ and you are ‘sick’ and have a baby.”  I get annoyed at myself every time I start an email with, “So sorry for the delay!” That’s basically how every email starts now.

The good news is I’m actually answering emails now, which speaks to my feeling less and less like it’s the end of the world every day. Let’s face it, when you spend your days worrying about all the cancers and car accidents that will kill you, it’s hard to make emails a priority. So yay Lexapro! (And fuck you, postpartum anxiety.)

I’m in a very weird, exciting place with this blog, though. This has been and, I’m confident, will continue to be a great year for this space. I’m mid re-design, and have a lot of plans.

The plans and the strategies seem to be getting in the way of my need to put words to keyboard somedays, though, even when I don’t have a pretty picture to go with it. Truly, there are many times I have something to say (you know, about my brain being a snot-filled zit), and I just don’t because I don’t have a picture, or I don’t have some witty way to present it.

And that’s crap, and not what I want this space to be. I want this space to be a reflection of me in that one day I can be crafting and appear to have my shit together, and the next day I’m rambling about inappropriate things in the parking lot of a church.

So let’s add that to the “plan,” Jill. Let’s add, “ramble more with no regard for strategy and Pinterest.” Okay, done.

There is no real takeaway here. I just had some time while Lowell naps, and I have emails to return and campaigns to pitch and strategies to tweak, but I just wanted to say hi and talk to you on my lunch break. So hi. I’m sorry for the zit imagery.

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  1. Same issues here with sinus crap. I ultimately had to go on a month-long course of Levaquin/Cipro (which is the stuff they give you for ANTHRAX!); my ENT wanted to make sure I didn’t have some lingering bacterial colony up in my head. We (my docs and I) figured out that my poor sinus anatomy, plus swelling, was a major cause – it trapped all the snot in my head, making a cozy retreat for bacteria. Treating the swelling FIRST, then the snot, seems to work for me. That means Afrin, Advil, and a hot compress on my face. And a SinusRinse bottle (which is like a neti pot, but not a neti pot…).

    • Bless yer heart! I have some minor swelling above my nose, but good God, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I got the tirfecta of steroid shot, nasal spray and antibiotics for now.

  2. I had the same sinus infection thingy that dragged on for over a month. It made me feel like I was losing my mind. I felt awful all the time (but not really sick), couldn’t get my crap together, and at one point I believed I was probably dying. Then I finally went to the doctor and after two days of antibiotics, I was a new person. So hopefully you’ll get something today that makes you feel much, much better.

    Also, I loved this post. It was honest, straightforward, funny, and just nice. I love your pictures, but I also love your words just as much. So I say ramble away. It’s therapeutic–for you and us. 🙂

  3. Cassie Artes on

    Hope you feel better soon! My husband and I have been passing something similar back and forth, and our youngest caught it too. Hubby went back to the drs for more meds. and I get to have fun with an ENT because of the lovely vertigo that has occured with this crud. Sometimes you just have to tell the world your that you feel drunk with snot! *P.S. That drunk, dizzy feeling is vertigo (just put 2 and 2 together), get meds soon! P.S.S. I can relate on the postpartum depression side too.

  4. Suzy Biddiscombe on

    Nope. No photo needed. You’ve done your part by putting an image of a giant zit head in my head FOREVER! Thank you. Well done! That might be the new thing on blogs, no photos, just scarring people with descriptive imagery.

  5. Not that I’m AT ALL ANYWHERE NEAR the level of your blog, but I’ve had that same debate over just my little personal blog – I feel like if I don’t have time to find an image and make the post look pretty then I shouldn’t post anything at all. When really, the blogs I like best are the ones that might have photos on occasion, but I enjoy them for their WORDS, not for their pictures. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to go back to basics in such a social media-y environment 🙂

  6. Collina Friedel Gast on

    After being sick for 3wks, I LOL’d reading this…bronchitis, strep throat & an ear infection were history after my Zpak & steroids rumbled with them. Feel better soon!!

  7. Susan Todd Meyer on

    I had exact same thing and it made me feel exactly as loopy. My head hurt like crazy, sure I was dying. I finally found a Chinese remedy that worked, pe min kan wan, plus a nettle quercetin herb combination. Still blowing my nose but back in the land of the living.

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