Canon 6D & Sigma 35 1.4 lens, 160 SS,  f/5.0, ISO 3200

Kendall: “Hey mom, look… I lost my other top tooth.”

Me: “What? Really?? I didn’t even know that one was loose, buddy. I asked you yesterday if it was loose, and you said it wasn’t.”

Kendall: “Yeah, well, it was a tiny bit loose today so I just pulled on it really hard… because I really like money.”


150 SS, f/2.8, ISO 3200

Time for a very important discussion called, “Your mouth is not an ATM.” Because Tooth Fairy CHARGES for adult teeth.

(I didn’t even know such a conversation was a thing until Julie- Angry Julie- informed me she had it with her son.)

My kids and their insane pain tolerances… 

5 thoughts on “Your Mouth Is Not An ATM”

  1. I’ve considered not doing the TF with my youngest (and last). But. I know there’s no “true” way around it without saying all those kids are lying to you, there’s no such thing. Our TF is just so…forgetful.

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