With our first, everything was new, just for him. Sure, we made some purchases with future kids in mind, and sure, there were hand-me-downs picked up from other families and consignment sales along the way, but none of it came with any wisdom.

Life with our first baby was like trying to break in a new pair of shoes every day. Everything matched, so thoughtfully chosen, so shiny and new. But man, many of those days were uncomfortable. We couldn’t go anywhere without feeling the newness. So many blisters.

And by blisters I mean losing our mind because WHY DOES IT CRY?

Now, when I go to put Lowell in a sleeper Kendall and Leyna both wore- slightly yellowed, soft and a little stretched out- I take in the sight of him and see how far we’ve come as parents.

This baby may not have his own room, and he may rock his sister’s old bibs, but he is the lucky recipient of all these nearly 6 years of trial and error. There’s this easy-breezy coolness now when it comes to our parenting approach. It’s worn in, a little messy, but it’s comfortable.

There are callouses of knowledge where there once were blisters of confusion.

Lucky is the baby who wears his big sister’s bib and his big brother’s jammies.


5 thoughts on “Lucky Is The Baby In His Big Sister’s Bib”

  1. Totally agree! The third gets the easy breezy chilled out parents (well if the first child isn’t making me crazy!), but isn’t as put together every.single.minute of the day like the first 2 kids!

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