There Is Magic In 5 Months Old

I’ve seen him roll over both ways a couple times, so I know he’s capable of it. He doesn’t do it often, though.


I think this would have caused me great anxiety as a first-time mom. I encouraged my first baby to track brightly colored objects until he shifted his weight enough to land from back to belly and back to back.

I toted him to actual baby-gym classes three times a week. THREE TIMES! A WEEK! WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME?

I guess the same mom who had time to bathe her baby every other night. Lowell is my dirtiest (and happiest) baby of the three.

IMG_9771 His first bath in a week…ish.

But I’m 100% okay if this kid just sits and smiles at me for a few more months to come, always in the same spot I last plopped him.


To me, there is magic in this age. This stage. This time when the babies are mostly happy, over the gas, sleeping in relatively predictable patterns, smiling, laughing, AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR HELP.


Freeze, please.