Hey! Guess what I just decided?

The Inappropriate Elf contest will not close to entries until this Friday night. That’s December 20th at 11:59 pm CST, giving you 2 extra days.

Why? Because this.


Does that look like the face of a baby who cares that I have a contest to moderate and promote and secure judges for?  I assure you this kid gives no fucks about any elves. He is side-eyeing this whole shindig. I can not even secretly tap on my phone while rocking him.


And also because I’m sick because of course. (Though definitely not pregnant this time around for so many obvious reasons.)

I thought I had the flu again, but now I’m thinking it’s strep, which is actually worse because that requires a trip to the doctor unlike the flu that I could just complain my way through (since there’s no other real treatment for it at this point).

Lowell side-eyes me going to the doctor. LIFE laughs at me finding time to go to the doctor.

Doctors should do the house calls thing again.

Anyway, enough whining.

The contest appears to be going well, the little bit of time I’ve had to check in on it. But I want to see more entries!! Tell your friends!


Entry from DewberryCinema.com

And if elves aren’t your thing this time of year, maybe you’re more of a Mensch On A Bench person? And if so, you also have until Friday night to enter the Mischievous Mensch contest on Morgan’s blog at The818.com. We’ll have the same judges, but each contest will be judged separately, and there will be separate prizes.


And just for funsies and geeksies, here are some awesome visuals powered by the #InappropriateElf hashtag, thanks to my friends at Hashtracking.

They self-update!

6 thoughts on “#InappropriateElf Contest Extension Because The Baby Owns Me”

  1. I’m not a doctor so this is not medical advice or recommendations… What we always did for Strep that worked every time was apple cider vinegar… put 1/4 to 1 tsp in a glass of water and sip at it.
    Or you know any beverage you have. I find it especially nice in some hot ginger tea with a little honey.
    The short of it is that the vinegar changes the Ph balance of the throat to one in which the Strep cannot survive.

  2. Along with Jessie, I’m no medical professional, but strep will go away on its own. Back in my broke college days, I’d choose to be in pain for week rather than skip meals to pay for the doctors visit.

  3. Your Lowell sounds just like My Precious. I was basically bound to the couch with her in my arms at all times, and even now at 2 years old she is likely to become very destructive or start peeing on things (she’s totally potty trained, just rebellious) if the thinks I look at the computer too much.

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