He’s been a bad, bad boy. And he’s back for a 3rd year of inappropriate fun.

1st Inappropriate Elf Contest

2nd Inappropriate Elf Contest

This Friday, November 29th, the 3rd annual Inappropriate Elf contest launches. I can’t give you an exact time the blog post will go live and entries will be open because I’m a one-woman show running this thing, and it’s happening the day after Thanksgiving. I will do my very best to get it up before lunchtime.

But I might not.

I’ll be honest, y’all. I really thought I wouldn’t do this again. Last year was… a lot of stress. This is not worth it to me if I’m constantly fielding emails and angry messages from people who are complaining about it. It’s supposed to be for fun.

And it can be fun! I know a lot of you have fun with it, so I thought I’d give it another shot with a few modifications that will hopefully correct some of the issues we had last year.

1. There will be NO fan favorite. There is no way to vote your way into the top 10. No soliciting votes or likes on Facebook, no option to vote on the linkup. I’m just not able to police all of that.

2. So there will only be 2 prizes, and I am buying both of them. There are no sponsors. This is 100% MY contest.

3. I may feature a few entries throughout the season either here or on my Facebook page. Of course, I will always link back to the original source and tag the responsible Facebook page when possible.

For the rest of the rules, read the rule page here.

If you plan on entering, please read those rules.

I’m still working on my images of what happened to my elf when Santa found out how inappropriate he’s been and demoted him. Can’t wait to share them with you all on Friday, and see the hilarity roll in from all of you!

Oh? You probably want to know what the prizes are, yeah?



And here’s the timeline:

Entries open Friday, November 29th and close at midnight on December 18th.
The Top 10 (chosen by me and HaHas for HooHas) will be announced on December 20th.
The winners (chosen by a panel of judges yet to be confirmed) will be announced on December 23rd.

#InappropriateElf – use this hashtag across social media! I look forward to featuring some of my favorites on my Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and a special #InappropriateElf Pinterest board.

(I also happen to have just few ad spots open at great rates. I’d love for your business to support my elf’s bad habits! Click here to see prices and availability.)


How fun is that? It’s really cool when your sister owns a machine that makes .gifs, and brings it over so you can drink wine and make stuff like this. You should hire her to come to your next event in Austin because .gifs. Inappropriate Elves not included, but I bet she could work out something for you.

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Wake The Elves #InappropriateElf”

  1. Woohoo! I was afraid you weren’t going to do it this year after all you had to deal with last year. I love this contest, and look forward to seeing all the entries each year.

    I have my idea and am setting up the photography session now! Our elf Sparkle is getting ready to be inappropriate. I think she’s quite eager, having been cooped up in a box all year.. Heh heh!

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