Another week has passed, and a million things I’ve wanted to tell you all about (okay, at least 27 on my to-write list) sit in my head, unblogged.  But what I’m lacking in words these days, I’m making up for in pictures. I’m pretty prolific on Instagram lately. I blame easy access to an iPhone while snuggling, rocking, feeding a baby. And boredom. I mean, there is only so much I can stare lovingly at my kid’s head. Even HE is starting to get creeped out by it.

So I take pictures of his head sometimes. And then play around with them in Snapseed.

a953b1ee0d2a11e3bf5922000a1f8cdc_7And then use apps like Snoopify and Cat Effects for more entertainment. Because I have a problem.


One for the baby books!

Good thing I don’t make baby books.

I’ve also tried to make an effort to get more pictures with my “fancy” Canon 6D. I remember I tried to do a Photo 365 blog after Leyna was born. That was destined to be a failure, and proved to be so. This time, no pressure. No daily, weekly or monthly quotas. Just pictures when I can manage it.

I do well with no pressure.


First, let’s just get this out of the way- THAT. SMIRK.

We are so fortunate that Scott can work from home often. Mainly, he’s able to help out more because he doesn’t have to commute to work. So he can do things like pack lunches before his work day starts, and take the kids to the park as soon as his day is over.


But every now and then, I’m able to hand Lowell to him for a few minutes while I get dressed or make us both lunch. These were moments caught at the end of a workday this week.


How lucky our kids are to grow up with a father who is so very present in their lives.

Sometimes, though, we are not very present. On purpose. Sometimes we are having grown up conversation about pressing matters like new kitchen counters and just what the hell the neighbor is doing in his garage all day with his shirt off.

Sometimes we ignore our children. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

It forces them to, like, entertain themselves. Trust, they will ask us if they can use one of the 50 pieces of technology in this house to entertain them over and over and over again. We just keep ignoring them.

And then this happens.


Kendall finds 2 blankets and some clothes pins. He pins one on the back of Leyna and ties another around him. They are suddenly super heroes.


Super heroes that work double duty as dry mops. We’ve just unlocked level 151 of Parenthood with this achievement, I’m sure.


Sometimes the price you pay for ignoring your kids and getting them to leave you alone is a toddler covered in markers and stickers.

And a super hero cape. It’s worth it.

To finish off the week, I spent  no less than 30 minutes taking pictures of my 5.5 week old’s belly button today.


Because IT’S A SWIRL. Like a little cinnamon roll in the middle of his belly. A perfect spiral.


I’m obsessed with the whole package, but had to stop everything I was doing today (which was nothing) to document and preserve that sweet little detail.


And while I was at it, I photographed every other detail, too.



So that’s some of the pictures of our week.

Maybe I’ll do this again next week. Maybe I won’t. No pressure.


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16 thoughts on “Pictures Of Our Week”

  1. Great post! I love the adoring look baby Lowell is giving your hubby as he looks on.. and his little swirly belly button! So cute! It took me a long time to “ignore” my kids for a few.. just to feel like an adult for a minute. . Lol.. they do get into stuff.. but luckly I don’t zone out for more than 5 minutes without hearing “mommy”.. and getting dragged back to reality to keep most of the house from being destroyed.. . Lol. So glad you guys are doing well! 🙂 Lowell is really cute!

  2. Dude, how did he get so big so fast! Time is flying by way to quick. Unbelievable. That’s the cutest belly button ever & that smirk is just awesome. Cool that you were able to catch that. Such a cutie. Also, I’m now intrigued by the whole neighbor thing. No shirt all day? Tell us more!

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful little boy ever… and THAT smirk…… that stare of total adoration and fascination while he looks at his dad….. Estrogen overload. No pressure to keep taking pictures but you know… pressure! Cause he’s gorgeous. And I love the realism that is a toddler covered in stickers and marker. Like my walls currently covered in chalk because you know what, it kept her entertained for a while. 😀

  4. Awesome photos of belly button!!! We too love being home with the kids, though I am more than my husband, he works outside the home. But we always leave them to themselves and they come up with a lot of fun things!
    PS: When was the last time you did a paying photography gig?

  5. 1) that cinnamon swirl belly button just killed my soul, in a good way, 2) Leyna covered in marker reminded me that Ezra’s been in the other room, alone, for way too long. But I’m first trimester sick so, here’s to being covered in markers and possibly cat poop, 3) I know that neighbor because his friend lives next to us. He’s always drinking out of a red Solo cup (not fooling ANYONE) and smoking “cigars”.

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  • We're all doing the best we can with what we have. Pass it on when you see another mom struggling. We could also use an ounce of encouragement.
  • We tried #BuildABear Pay Your Age  Day this morning and that wound up being a big NOPE (more in my stories!). That’s ok. We’ll settle for naps and another visit to the pool this evening.
  • Come 👏🏻 On👏🏻 Dads, do you feel the same? Makes us both so mad.
  • This one turns FIVE this month! Lately he’s gotten into Minecraft, which I kinda love because he’s bonding with his big sibs over it, but for a while it looked like it was taking over his passion for Mighty Machines (and all things construction and digging in the dirt) and that broke my heart because I’m not ready for this little boy to not be in love with those things anymore. The kids took a 2 week screen break (much needed and not nearly as awful as I thought it would be) and Lowell found his diggers and his dump truck again. All is right in the world now. I just want him to play with them forever, is that too much to hope for? 😌💙🚜 (Also, how cool is his Roadschool shirt from @hmschld ?! 💖) #loloyolo
  • Represent.
  • Happy 4th to you! May your neighbors abide by all city ordinances or at the very least only wake your baby once with their illegal fireworks. 🇺🇸
  • Let's hear it! 😭😭😭
  • He’s very good at taking off his socks and shoes and making them disappear. I think he likes it when people look at us like negligent parents. 🙄😆