First, let’s lead with THAT up there.

My cousin sent Lowell this freaking ADORABLE outfit over the weekend. It morphed him into the old man from Up.


It is from this Etsy shop.


It was the cherry on top of this past week, which actually turned out to be not so bad, despite Scott being out of town for the first time since I became responsible for keeping 3 kids alive.

That’s largely thanks to this girl.

IMG_5588My sister.

Bless her heart for coming up from Austin to play supplemental parent with me. SO MUCH ENVIRONMENTAL BIRTH CONTROL FOR HER. I think she drove back to Austin and immediately had her ovaries removed.


This guy turned 6 weeks old, the age at which it seems my children all morph from snuggly newborns into beastly infants (with giant, real smiles).


That meant a 6 week postpartum checkup for me, where he got this adorable (snug) shirt from the midwife who delivered him, Jeanean Carter at Adriatica Womens Health in McKinney, TX. (Highly recommend!)

This next nugget of news does not have a picture to go with it (you’re welcome), but I’m happy to report the “cystical” is completely gone. It disappeared all on it’s own, making it one of the most effed up pregnancy side effects ever.


Lowell is fascinated by anything that hangs above him. Kendall is fascinated by Lowell.


White bed linens are one of the best things I’ve invested in. They look amazing in pictures, and have been surprisingly easy to keep clean. Lowell spends a lot of time on our bed. It’s the safest place to keep him up and away from his wild siblings that are chasing each other around the house at any given moment.


Scott realized his dream of seeing his son in a Cardinals baseball uniform, intentionally signing him up for the Cardinals little league fall team. He promises he’ll sign him up for the Rangers again in the spring.


Baseball isn’t just for brothers around here, either. Scott, continuing to prove what a sucker he is for his little girl, bought Leyna a “cat cat” bat (to match her Hello Kitty Crocs that she insists on wearing with everything). I must admit I was the sucker when it came to the tiny workout clothes (from the little girls section!) at Target.

Is there anything cuter than tiny gym shorts on a toddler? Okay, maybe the bowtie and cardigan on Lowell, but just by a smidge.


The Rock N Play is my new favorite baby item. It doesn’t replace the bouncy seat set inside the cosleeper for long sleeps, but it’s a swell place to plop the baby when I have to pee, and he sure does like napping in it. Sometimes. When he’s not making me hold him.


Final product shout out for the Aden & Anais Dream Blanket. Dreamy like whoa.

Those are some of our pics from the 2nd week of September.

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21 thoughts on “Pictures of Our Week 2”

  1. 3 things.

    1. I’m pretty sure K is still only 5, right? What’s up with them looking 12?

    2. NOT COOL that Leyna is in the girls section already. Heartbreaking!

    3. Rock ‘N Plays truly ROCK!

  2. Gahhhhh! Stop making me want to have another baby! 😉 I already have 3 and the husband says no to a 4th (at least not with him). Your kids are so darn cute. 🙂

  3. I second the reply that says stop making me want another baby! I have three adorable boys and we are supposed to be done. Surely I would lose my mind with four boys (most days I barely survive with three) and the thought of a girl at this point would put me in panic mode. But every time I see a picture of that adorable little bundle it makes my ovaries ache.

  4. I too have found love in white bed linens. We went with a white, machine-washable, down-alternative comforter. Punctuation.

  5. That picture is adorable, and definitely the old man from Up. We don’t do baseball here, but some things are apparently international, my two year old also insists on her Hello Kitty crocs with everything.

  6. the pic with ur sis is just perfect- my sis did same for me. so sweet. our twins r 3 months this fri. i’m reduced to hunt and peck typing :-p

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  • So grateful to have a partner who picks up what I drop, kisses the booboos I miss, reads the bedtime stories I have to work through, and loves our kids in ways I aspire to. Happy Fathers Day to him and all the dads who are doing this exhausting and exhilarating thing called parenthood 💖
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  • Lately Wallace has been jumping right in to everything we’re doing. He wants to watch movies with us, play ball, wrestle, eat Takis 🤣 and everything else. I forgot how much I love this stage. I think maybe it gets more fun the more kids you have. You really can not tell him he’s not a big kid. He’s not having any of that nonsense. (And yeah, he loves him some spicy Takis.) (This is totally one of those pics that looks like they swapped legs!)
  • Naps are awesome though... right? 😴
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I have quite a collection of pix of Scott doing the drop-the-baby-and-run move. #momtographer