Suddenly It’s The End Of This Pregnancy

Wait… not like THE END THE LAST DAY HAVING THE BABY RIGHT NOW. Not trying to alarm anyone. The baby is still tucked away up in my uterus. I show no signs of labor at the moment. But I’m nearly 39 weeks pregnant, which seems WAY more pregnant than nearly 38 weeks did a week ago.


I still haven’t grasped the idea that I’m having another baby very, very soon. It’s like I was never able to shake off this fog of disbelief for the entirety of this surprise pregnancy. I’m semi prepared, I guess, in that I have been there before- twice- so what more do I need to know? But also very, very unprepared.

I thought I was going into real labor a couple nights ago when a 5 hour stretch of painful contractions kept me from sleeping. I sat in my tub at 4:30 in the morning and begged them to stop. I pleaded with them to give me more time. I promised I’d get my shit together the very next day if they went away, but then I needed to sleep that entire day. And then I needed to take a 4 hour nap today. Sometimes I think the only way I’m preparing for this baby is by sleeping at inconvenient times.


On the bright side, my toe is healing. It still hurts a little when I walk. And it hurts A LOT when my toddler stomps on it mid-tantrum. But, at least I can walk on it now.

As “over it” as I am right now, I don’t want this baby to come any sooner than next Monday. It’s a long story, but the short of it is our childcare situation for Kendall and Leyna won’t be solid until then.  I think that’s what’s causing me the most anxiety right now.

I just really don’t want to go into labor and have to stress about which friend is home and awake and can watch the kids for however long it takes for me to have this baby, and then Scott having to leave me at the hospital to go home to them. Of course, it’s not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things, and we’ll be fine. I’d just much rather have my sister here to abandon the children with from the start.


This is my “over it” face, sporting a bump that itches every time I pull a shirt down over it, and surrounded by a messy house because I’m too tired to care.

So that’s where I’m at. An update. I realize I’ve been super crappy about doing those here. On the blog. I’ve been complaining and updating plenty on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But if you don’t check in over there, you may have been wondering …. or not.

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  1. I feel ya. I don’t know what it is about the end of pregnancy but it seems to alternatively crawl and sprint… I remember thinking that I was HOLYSHIT39WEEKSTOOFAST and then I went 5 days late and was like, OMFGSTILLPREGNANTFAIL.
    Hang in there, sleep more and take more baths… and try to reconcile the fact that yes indeed, there WILL be a tiny human here before you know it 🙂

  2. I just came up on 30 weeks (!) with #3 and I feel the same way. I have an expired carseat and a recalled crib to replace, and have I set foot into a store yet? Neup. I’m acting like it’s so far off. The first to second I felt fresh on the experience of sleepless nights and nursing around the clock…but now, I feel like it’s been forever since I had done any of that. And the kids are spaced just about the same…what’s my deal?!

  3. Love this post. I had a lot of contractions & went to the hospital w/ #3 . We lived 45 min away from the hospital & I was at 4 cm for 3 weeks – which was “typical” for me. After a little pitocin & no more progress I asked to go home. The Dr said no at first & I told the nurse, “Really, I have a lot to do that would be so much easier if I didn’t have a newborn. My oldest’s 3rd birthday, a little shopping & also a friend’s party I want to go to …” I ended up going home & she was born a week later.

    • We live 45 mins away, too! So my options are either go there way too often for all this false labor, just in case, or, like, have the baby on the side of the road because I wait too long. Wheee!

  4. Tricia Miller on

    Dude, please tell me how you got surprise pregnant because I would give my left ovary for that to happen. Okay, maybe not my left ovary because I want more babies but definitely my left boob. Or arm.

  5. Hippi Longstockings on

    Its almost irritating how cute you look in your “over it” picture. Also, your feet look nicer than mine do now and my youngest is 1. So chin up, you still look amazing even if you don’t feel amazing.

  6. I think I came across your blog and twitter account around the time I got pregnant, which now feels like a million years ago. It was fun being pregnant at the same time, in a non-creepy way, you know 🙂 Just to hear updates that were similar to mine. I am so curious to learn if it’s a boy or a girl!

  7. This will be me in about 18 weeks. I only had 5 weeks of morning sickness. 5. This kid barely pokes at me. I had bleeding issues. I’m telling you, this does not even feel real. I can’t see my feet, but it doesn’t feel real. Weeks 38 and 39 are definitely more floaty and weird than the others. You feel like an over inflated balloon ready to pop. I’m sorry about that. But then the dirt cravings will be over. I totally understand about the child care thing. My kids have both been ‘surprise, let’s pop mommy’s water at night but NOT go into labor’ types of things.. so.. yeah. Best wishes for hanging in there until your sister can arrive. Your husband leaving you and going home is the pits. Mine did that the entire 6 days or whatever crap I was in the hospital last time. So boring! Forget sleeping of course, thankfully the internet was my friend. Keep your laptop/phone charged, lady, we want all the boring details! *hugs*

    • I can’t believe you’re 18 weeks out already! Yeah, I’m really hoping Scott gets to stay with me. I like that time with just the two of us and the baby before we are thrown back into the crazy mix at home.

  8. I was like this when I was pregnant with my 2nd – and then she came 2 weeks early! My water broke at work, so my boss drove me home (got her out of a ticket), my husband was shopping for a sleeper sofa since we were giving up our guest room, I hadn’t packed anything for the hospital, hadn’t finalized arrangements for our older daughter, hadn’t put away stuff in baby’s room and still had furniture in boxes. As crazy as it was, it all worked out (although should have reminded hubby to pack deodorant for me – thought that was just a given…) So my advice, relax (as best you can 🙂 and love on your babies now. Congrats! Can’t wait to meet baby #3!

  9. I thought I was the only person with built-in magazine racks in my bathroom! I don’t know what to do with them…they look weird empty, but I feel like putting a magazine in them is also strange. I like that you’re using it for toilet paper storage, which is also what happens to ours. Happy 39 weeks!

  10. Jodi 'Nunn' Hjelle on

    coconut oil or cocoa butter cream was the only things I could use on my tummy to get the itch to go away. It itched like crazy from the skin stretching was such a relief to put the coconut oil or cocoa butter on it. 1 more week give or take I know your ready to be done but your doing great.

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  12. Sarah Santiago on

    I can promise you that whatever your feeling is a million times better than your baby coming too soon. My water broke at 28 weeks and my daughter was born just shy of 30 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. That is a special kind of hell no mother should have to endure. So please remember, in all your uncomfortable glory, that the alternative is worse than you can imagine.

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