I awoke to several texts and Facebook messages and pings today, asking if I was in labor. After I rolled my eyes and hoisted myself out of bed with a grunt, I let everyone know I was nowhere close.

It seems some people, pages, websites reported (?) that I checked into the hospital this morning. I have no idea what would have given anyone that idea, but I wish with all my might it were true. Pregnant woman is still ragey. 

And pregnant.

The bright side is I had time to get a few 39 week pictures taken at my favorite hill last night, with the help of my friend Mandy behind the camera. And tonight I had the chance to edit them.

So here, proof. Baby is still baking and won’t share a birthday with the royal prince.





A note about my friend Mandy- She’s going through some big and scary stuff right now. Her brother’s pretty sick with cancer. She’s blogged all about it. Just scroll through. I think you’ll see how amazing she is, how honest she is through this struggle. She inspires me, and I am so saddened she and her family are dealing with all of this. If you’re the praying type, or the positive vibes type, or just the type who wants to say hi and give her a virtual hug, head over to her blog. 

23 thoughts on “Still Pregnant! Pictures to Prove It”

    1. Thanks! When you start to feel that urge, just remember I have a cyst on my labia that might grow to the size of an orange and/or rupture while I push this kid out. That should help you shake it.

  1. Wishful thinking in hopes that your baby would have the same birthday as the future king of England? Don’t worry, I hated them too. PS Your boobs look amazing!

  2. What, no pictures of the soon-to-be-citrus-fruit? Girl, you look amazing. Sooo beautiful. I don’t envy you being SO damn pregnant and miserable, but you pull it off like nobody’s business. No one would ever guess you and your undercarriage are anything but glamorous. Keep us updated!

  3. You look beautiful and totally content, even if you are raging. Can I just say that seeing your awesome maternity pictures has reminded me of how great my boobs looked while pregnant and how NOT great they look now after 13 months of nursing my 4th baby? lol Mama needs a new push up bra asap!

    Are you still team green?

  4. You look amazing. Pregnancy suits you. And also? I was born the same day as Prince Harry. It’s really not that exciting, so it’s nice your baby will have his or her own unique birthday that they don’t have to share 😉

  5. I hated that! People calling/texting to ask, “Where’s that baby? In labor yet?” Seriously?! If I’m in labor, I don’t want to be bothered! And, honestly, at 39 weeks, I just plain don’t want to be bothered either! Unless, of course, you’re calling to see if you can bring me food, watch my kids or clean my house! 😉 Your pics are gorgeous! And, it seems you’ve reached celebrity status, if websites are trying to break the news of your labor and delivery!! 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet. I’m happy to say my sister is now my gatekeeper, and I will put her in charge of answering all “are you in labor yet?” questions 🙂

  6. I’m amazed at how beautiful you look for 39 weeks – I was a hot mess (literally)! Congrats and good luck!

  7. You look beautiful and the baby is just waiting for the perfect day! Glad your sister is there and that everything is ready!

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