I Crave The Recline

I have a new craving.


Bradford Leather Rocker Recliner from Sam’s Club

Don’t worry. I don’t want to eat it. I just crave laying in it, eating in it, sleeping in it, watching the kids from it.

I have never been a big recliner fan, truthfully. But now, I don’t care how ugly and overstuffed it looks, I want it. I am so uncomfortable from 7 pm and through the night, from all the acid reflux and general discomfort of growing a baby in the 3rd trimester, that I dream of doing everything from the reclined position.

I tell myself I’d get so much more work done if I could sit reclined with my laptop. Sitting upright at my desk is only bearable for a few hours now, and the thought of walking into our office past 5 makes me want to curl into a ball and pass out.

I don’t know…. do you think it’s worth it? I’ve been contemplating picking up something similar to that one up there this weekend. I have at least 6 more weeks of this left. And surely I’ll use it a bit after the baby gets here, right?

Did you use a recliner while pregnant? Did you sleep in it? Did it help?

Or is this one of those things I think will help, and then I just regret having spent money on this big beast that takes up too much space in my living room while I remain uncomfortable no matter what?