It’s not what you think. Adding those things up in my title, it comes out to a different equation than the one I’m going to break down for you, probably.

This is not about video vamps, cleavage and rock & roll. This is about breastfeeding.


The Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago launched a Nursing Mothers Amenity Program last week that lets traveling moms rent a hospital-grade Medela (Symphony) double electric pump for $30 during their stay, and they’re also provided with storage bags, steaming bags, cleaning wipes, and disposable bra pads. The proceeds of the program benefit a local NICU, through the Jackson Chance Foundation.

All of that is so full of awesome, but that’s not even what inspired me to come here and write about it.

I discovered this on Facebook (as I do all good things in life) when my friend Brandy from Mannlymama shared the link from the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago’s page. I was hesitant to click over to the actual post on their page, convinced I would find what one typically finds in a comment section on Facebook about nearly anything related to breastfeeding-  idiots, people who make me want to hurt my very dear to me computer.

As of tonight, nearly 1am Dallas time, there’s not a single one (unless you count the person who asks “awkward?” to which… whatever… I’m overlooking that one). 99.99% of the commenters are THRILLED! They are HAPPY! They are SUPPORTIVE! The post has been shared over 770 times, and every public share that I can see is accompanied by a comment like, So cool! Awesome! and Breastfeeding moms rock, too!

And I’ve been keeping an eye on the page, trying to determine if they have/are deleting negative commenters, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So not only has a major brand taken a big step to support breastfeeding moms, but the general public, so far, has been mostly stellar about it, too. I mean, gosh y’all. I could just get lost in this fuzzy, warm internet feeling all night. I’m going to bask in it while it lasts.

And the next time I’m in Chicago, I’ll definitely consider staying at the Hard Rock. I hope they expand this program to all their locations. It will become my hotel of choice, for sure, lactating or not.


21 thoughts on “The Hard Rock Hotel, Boobs, And Awesome On The Internet”

  1. That is awesome! I want to go to Chicago just to support this program! I hope it spreads to all Hard Rock locations also, but big props to the Chicago location for initiating it!

  2. I was so tempted to write something negative just so you’ll stop trolling the comment sections 😉 Kidding. That’s awesome, all of it.

  3. This is awesome! I’m not a breastfeeding mom, but I have been away on a girls getaway with a breastfeeding mom who was unable to pump properly due to a faulty borrowed pump. This would have made her trip a lot more enjoyable.

  4. damn, I’m going to Chicago this week…wish I woulda known, I’d have tried to get a room there instead, no joke!

  5. Love it! Maybe I’ll stay there for BlogHer this year. I’m not nursing anymore, but I would be proud to support a business that is so welcoming to it.

  6. Good for them 😉 I didn’t even know that there was a Hard Rock Hotel in my back yard. I like how the foundation uses $$ to help parents with parking. That’s a complaint I’ve heard about from the new location of that hospital. Also anything to support a NICU is good in my book, since my 2 both spent 12 days in the NICU.

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