Sippy Cup Love- Re Play Recycled No-Spill Cups

Last week I headed to Target for 2 things, and one of them was not new sippy cups. But, in my defense, we did actually NEED them. I just forgot that we needed them until I saw them as I walked past the toddler feeding aisle.

Don’t ask me what I was doing on that side of the store, the opposite end from the two things I went there for. I was without children, okay? Obviously, I was enjoying myself, walking around. It was my workout for the week.

My point is, these cups by Re Play caught my eye. Amidst a sea of licensed character cups, and gimmicky cups, and cups I KNOW leak even when they swear they don’t- there they were. Made from recycled milk jugs, made in the US, 2 to a pack for less than $7. Plain and simple. It was love at first sight.


Of course, I fully expected to get them home and see they disintegrate into shards of compost after one wash, but I was willing to give them a shot.

I’m happy to report, after nearly a full week of use, they are holding up beautifully. They don’t leak. At all. They are easy to wash.

I couldn’t find them on the Target website. I’m assuming they are a pretty new product for them because I’d never seen them up until last week, and I could probably inventory the entirety of our Super Target with my eyes closed. So I can’t say whether or not they will be at your location, but they are available on the Re Play websiteΒ and they are available on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Not a sponsored post. Not paid to tell you this. Just love them, and wanted to share.

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