Last week I headed to Target for 2 things, and one of them was not new sippy cups. But, in my defense, we did actually NEED them. I just forgot that we needed them until I saw them as I walked past the toddler feeding aisle.

Don’t ask me what I was doing on that side of the store, the opposite end from the two things I went there for. I was without children, okay? Obviously, I was enjoying myself, walking around. It was my workout for the week.

My point is, these cups by Re Play caught my eye. Amidst a sea of licensed character cups, and gimmicky cups, and cups I KNOW leak even when they swear they don’t- there they were. Made from recycled milk jugs, made in the US, 2 to a pack for less than $7. Plain and simple. It was love at first sight.


Of course, I fully expected to get them home and see they disintegrate into shards of compost after one wash, but I was willing to give them a shot.

I’m happy to report, after nearly a full week of use, they are holding up beautifully. They don’t leak. At all. They are easy to wash.

I couldn’t find them on the Target website. I’m assuming they are a pretty new product for them because I’d never seen them up until last week, and I could probably inventory the entirety of our Super Target with my eyes closed. So I can’t say whether or not they will be at your location, but they are available on the Re Play website and they are available on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Not a sponsored post. Not paid to tell you this. Just love them, and wanted to share.

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22 thoughts on “Sippy Cup Love- Re Play Recycled No-Spill Cups”

  1. We got the utensils a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love them! So sturdy, and just the right size for the kiddos. I was hesitant about the cups, it’s nice to have a review of them first! I saw them at walmart, too.

  2. Oooooh, I can’t wait to try them!! I bought the forks and spoons from this brand, and am impressed with them as well. They have held up perfectly, and the spoons are the perfect size and shape for my 14 month old to fit in his mouth with the least amount of spills.

  3. I think I saw those at walmart last month? I know I’ve seen them before but I wasn’t willing to give them a shot at that point, , we went with Munchkin (I think!) but with Bianca loving to chew on them, I’m sure we’ll be buying more soon..

  4. YES! I need new sippy cups. Thank you for recommending them and bless you Amazon Prime and your two-day shipping.

  5. OHHHHHH! THANK YOU! You have no idea the battle I have with the sippy cup/cleaning/safety/leakage (actually – it sounds like you really DO understand it! YAY US!) I am toasting to you and your prego belly – so, yes, I will have TWO (or four) glasses of wine tonight in honor of your terrific find! YAY ME! And thank you again!

  6. We use their divided plates for our 2 yo and love them! They have held up great in the dishwasher even after numerous washes. I didn’t know they also made sippy cups. I may have to get some!

  7. Honestly,
    you should do an entire series on sippy cups. Im pretty sure Im out of brands to try and have yet found one that will hold up against my sippy cup terrorist!!!

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  9. I have used these for at least five years and they are the best. I’m a grandmother of four with a white couch and I watch all four grandchildren everyday. I have never had one leak. Not once. I now buy them for shower gifts and first birthdays.

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