Our Bedroom Finally Looks Civilized- The Reveal

It was a long week of home renovations. Per usual, I always grossly underestimate how much time and energy a project will take. We were running on little sleep and too much caffeine by the time we finished, but our room? Oh my. It’s like we imported it from another house. Hardly recognizable compared to what it was before. Let me just remind you what that looked like…


And now? This…


In my “before” post, I mentioned that Sherwin-Williams was sponsoring this series, and that I used their Chip It!™ service to come up with the color scheme of the room. I said our plans were to paint most of the walls Gray Shingle, and do an Indigo Batik accent wall behind the bed.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.34.13 AM

And we did. Both colors were from HGTV® HOME by Sherwin-Williams. It looked… it looked like we would probably like it after we got used to it. Really, the Indigo Batik was just SO much darker and bluer than we were anticipating, and the wall behind our bed is big, so it was a pretty powerful statement. I was okay with it, though. I found fabrics that would tie it all together. I was prepared to bring in a lot of white to brighten up the space.

I was 85% committed to it at 12:30am when Scott, as he was finishing painting some Indigo Batik trim, casually mentioned, “Huh… people are going to think we’re huge Cowboys fans.” I looked at him confused. It was late. I was delirious. I thought surely he was, too.

“What?” He nodded toward the blue wall, “Oh, navy blue and gray walls…” “Oh. My. God. I HATE IT,” I blurted out.

Let me clarify that we live in Dallas, and I am NOT saying we are anti-Cowboys. We root for them when it’s convenient and fun. But… we live in Dallas, and we are NOT die hard Cowboys fans. If we lived anywhere else, I’d let it go. But living here? It’s just going to be assumed that this room was meant to be a shrine to a football team. I couldn’t get past it. The next morning, Scott busted his butt to get the Indigo Batik wall painted over before the carpet installers came. The room is now entirely Gray Shingle, and I’m obsessed with it.

Now, this doesn’t mean we threw the whole color palette out the window, though. No, it was actually super useful pulling the room together! I wound up going a slightly different direction with the fabrics I used to accent the space, sticking with more of the navy and orange, and leaving out the pinks. This happened to coordinate perfectly with the lamps we already had (a clearance buy from Target last year).

(I’ll have another post up later this week with more details on the fabric, the frame, the duvet cover, etc.)



We painted our rundown side tables with Sherwin-Williams new ProClassic paint in Extra White with a satin finish. It’s a “waterbased acrylic-alkyd,” or, as explained to me by the super helpful assistant manager at my Sherwin-Williams store, a hybrid between water based and oil based paints. It’s durable like an oil-based paint but without the harsh smell and difficult clean up. Of course, we also added carpet. HUGE difference.

I told Scott I now know what that “new house smell” is. It’s fresh paint and new carpet, AND I LOVE IT.

For a chance to win a $100 Sherwin-Williams gift card, share in the comments below what room you would like to makeover in your home?

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  1. My master bedroom could use a makeover as well! We are currently working with our grandparents’ old furniture. We call it shabby-not-so-chic!

  2. Oh my living room. Beige on beige on beige…carpet, walls, couch, chair, drapes. It needs a color revival!

  3. The rooms looks great! All of our walls are brown. My husband jokes my favorite color is “neutral”. We need some color!

  4. looks great! i’m dying to redo both of our bathrooms right now. the ceiling on our master is a burgundy/maroon! gah! i’m already planning to use some SW paint so winning $100 gift card would be *sweet*! 🙂

  5. We desperately need to make over our office! Since having our son last June, it has become the collecting spot for all of our random junk.

  6. The playroom (which is the front room of our house) has been a work in progress for four years now and I am so eager to finish it! Second place would be our master bedroom.

  7. I would LOVE to makeover our bedroom. I has a very drab off-white walls with nothing hanging on them. It’s the one room in the house we haven’t done anything to in the 7 years we’ve lived here.

  8. Really want to redo our master bedroom now that the baby’s in her own room and we have it back to ourselves!

  9. Oh It looks great! I am so glad you realized the “shrine” factor before it was too late! I would makeover my teeny – weeny bathroom — I cannot stand it in there!

  10. I would love to make over our master bedroom! We are moving into our new house this weekend (YAY!!) and I am not loving the existing colors. I LOVE your color palette and would do something similar.

  11. I’m really glad you nixed the accent wall. IMO unless there’s an architectural reason for it, it’s not usually a good idea. The update looks so fresh and welcoming! Great job!

  12. I would love to make over my office. It would be amazing to make it into the office/craft space I envision. One where my creativity is celebrated and space for it is created. So I can just walk in and immediately start making something.

  13. Oh, I would love to redo our guest room. Right now it has brown walls and it just feels too dark! It also has a beautiful fireplace that is currently not functional, so in an ideal world, we would put a gas fireplace in there with plenty of safety features. The windows are original (1935) which is nice, but they need some TLC. Some built in shelves would be so lovely around the fireplace.

  14. Katie Vaughan on

    I would love to make over the master bedroom. It doesn’t have the pizzazz that it should. We’ve spent all our time and energy on the kids’ rooms, but neglected the room that should be our own private sanctuary.

  15. Lindsay Goldner on

    Love that you used the photo of you two as inspiration for the room, and it turned out great!

    I’ve been wanting to spruce up my bedroom. As a renter, it’s a little harder to do really fun things but making a bright tufted headboard is #1 on my list.

  16. Heather Hunter on

    Def master bedroom. It’s always at the bottom of our priority list but it needs some love to pull it together.

  17. Elizabeth Mulvaney Chapman on

    I love the colors of the new room! I’m on a mission to have a grown up bedroom too. I’d LOVE to win!

  18. Elizabeth Mulvaney Chapman on

    I love the colors of the new room! I’m on a mission to have a grown up bedroom too. I’d LOVE to win!

  19. Jen Schoeph on

    looks great!

    our family room needs some sprucing up! it’s our most used and well loved room in our house.

  20. Danielle Lewis Brown on

    I also would love to makeover our master bedroom. Since we moved into our house 2 years ago, we haven’t done anything to it because we keep saying we are going to buy new furniture. We still haven’t and it is so boring! There isn’t even anything hanging on the walls.

  21. Tammy Kinser Heringer on

    I would love to win, our ENTIRE house is the same color and I’m itching for the chance to makeover our living room! Its the first room people see when they walk in our front door.

  22. I’ve been meaning to look up that original post to find the link to the chip it thing on SW so I’m glad you saved me the trouble. :-). I’m excited to try it out.

    I still say you totally did not use the pallet from the photo :-p but the important thing is that you are happy with it!

  23. Lesley Goodman Holody on

    I’m getting ready to move into a new house, and I’m looking forward to painting our new dining room. I’d love to win!

  24. Uggh, husbands have the best timing when mentioning these things. Glad you said something, I would have held back. Our bedroom is in desperate shape, and we would love to win!

  25. Erin Heigelmann on

    We just moved into a new home, white walls and oak trim throughout. I was lucky enough to get a Sherwin Williams gift card and have about 1/3 of the house painted (at most) – pretty good for a 7 + month pregnant lady. We REALLY need to paint the kitchen. We gutted it and now need to cover up all the walls that had cabinets, or where we ripped the wall out. Something bright would be good. Second place – our master. It’s currently 3 different colors as we try to decide what color we want.

  26. I’d do the master bedroom. We’ve been in our house 12 years and the paint we used the first week is still there. And the walls are filthy. And it’s dark. I have no oasis, no specific room to come to and wind down. I know I could make the bedroom be that room I want it to be if I could just paint it, maybe get new curtains, act like I care about the clothes on the floor. That’s not really in Sherwin Williams’ ability, huh?

  27. Cortnie Sproul on

    Our master bedroom is the last room we need to do in our house! It WILL get done by the end of this year…. 🙂 we have used SW paint in every room.

  28. I would love to give our living room/my office a makeover. The old beige paint over textured spongy wallpaper really needs to go!

  29. Holly Beneky Dahlquist on

    We are getting new hard wood floors on thur! Just pulled wallpaper from the entryway. Paint is next up! We already have our Sherwin William paint picked out!

  30. It looks very adult now. We’re painting our house room by room, slowly. Next up is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Thank God I’m short and ‘have’ to rely on the husband to do most of the painting. 🙂

  31. I would love to redo my entry closet – I had some construction done to take out an awkward shelf and had a closet built instead.

    It’s all done except the painting.

    Let’s not say that it was done 5 years ago please because that’s embarrassing!!

  32. Staci Torgerson on

    Wow. I need this like 4 days ago. We just bought an older home and hired a crew to come in and scrape all the popcorn ceilings and re-mud those as well as the walls through out both levels of the house…and yes, we used Sherwin Williams Paint!
    My daughters rooms were simply painted white so that once we got them new bedding we could paint to match that. My oldest, almost 9, picked Anthrolopgies Daydreamer quilt. We are going to paint an old iron bed the chartreuse yellow and the ceilings the turquoise color. So I’d really love that gift card.

  33. I would like to do our kitchen/dining area. desperately! our bedroom needs a makeover too. we’re into 3 years in this house and the only thing painted is the upstairs (mostly cream) and the kids rooms. Help a sister out!-hopefully this doesn’t duplicate, because it wouldn’t post it before?!?

  34. Megan Cahill on

    My husband and I just bought a new home and we have lots of rooms to paint, we would love to win the gift card so our home will have our own stamp on it!

  35. Starr De Angelis on

    I would love to redo our powder room and foyer. Every room in the house we just moved into was painted white. We are changing that room by room. 🙂

  36. I love the colors! We are closing on our new house (yay no more rental!) at the end of June. And get to create another nursery for my 3 month old who, sadly, has no room to call her own 🙁 Would LOVE to win 🙂

  37. I’d make over my bonus room which is the last of my home projects for a complete renovation. This would be a nice start!

  38. I’d love to update our family room. We’ve had painting phobia since we moved in our new home, but recently overcame it when we set up baby girl’s nursery. Bring on the paint!

  39. Stephanie Larison on

    I’d love to makeover my daughters room. She’s not a little baby anymore, so I’d like something a little bit more kiddish looking. Something that would look good as she grows older.

  40. Anastasia Falling on

    I’d love to re-do my bathroom! It’s the room that gets the least attention around here 🙂

  41. I NEED to re-do my office space. I work from home 4 days/week and spend more time in my office than in any other part of the house but it is in the basement (yuck) and has 70’s paneling that is like a weird greenish color?? ugh… oh and then there is the wall-o-shelves…no, not the quaint built-in kind, the brass brackets with shelves made from MDF. SOOO Pretty. Okay, enough, I HAVE TO WIN!!! PS… awesome make over…

  42. Mary-Lyn Siderski on

    Look beautiful I love the fabric. We have an office /laundry room that needs a good overhaul as it sits in the middle of our house

  43. Jennifer McQuiston Fening on

    I’ve already picked the SW paint for our nursery- Olympus White. Thanks for the contest opportunity Jill!

  44. I want to makover my youngest daughter’s room. It is blue now with a blue rug. I would love to tear up the rug and repainted it rasberry

  45. I just moved into an old Victorian home with wonderfully high ceilings – and a desperate need for new paint in every room! Needless to say, I’d love to win this contest! ….And I Tweeted about it!

    I have an old Victorian home with wonderfully high ceilings – and a desperate need for new paint in every room!babyrabies.com/2013/05/our-be…— VeryMerrySeamstress (@VMSeamstress) June 4, 2013

  46. The bathroom needs a makeover! It is old fashioned and looks messy because of it.


  47. I was thinking bathroom but looking at these Sherwin-Williams posts I’m starting to think Master Bedroom! Maybe I deserve this! Our bedroom is the world’s ugliset puce color (I didn’t paint it!)

  48. April Vrugtman on

    Our bedroom is in desperate need of help. The paint in there was poorly done and is not a good color and nothing in there matches anything else. I’d love to have a bedroom I wouldn’t have to close the door on when people come over.

  49. I need to do the den (badly). That’s the room that gets the most use, and it sure does show! A few years ago, the woodwork was painted, and obviously wasn’t prepped properly, so the paint has lifted, and looks simply awful. It’s impossible to wash, as it comes right off in flakes…ick. So, definitely the den…

  50. Lorena Keech on

    Definitely our master bedroom. It is the room we have just ignored since we moved in here 4 years ago.

  51. I would love to make over my bathroom. The wallpaper in it right now is super old and would love to take it down and paint the walls a nice beige color to go with the new tile I put in recently!

  52. My kitchen has wallpaper. Removing it and painting are the next items on my husband’s honey-do list. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  53. For a chance to win a $100 Sherwin-Williams gift card, share in the comments below what room you would like to makeover in your home? my dream would be to make over the kids room star95011atyahoodotcom

  54. Liz Woodworth on

    I LOVE the color contrast you chose– very nice! I would love to make over our downstairs powder room with the Sherwin Williams gift card.

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