“I Eat Sand.” “Please Tell That To America!”

I think the first time I’m on national TV, I’m going to be telling the world that I eat sand. Sometimes. Just a little bit.

See, when I was in California for Mom 2.0 a couple weeks ago, I had the chance to pitch a team of execs and producers and important people from HLN. I had no idea what I was going to actually pitch. I just stood up there and some stuff came out that they didn’t seem super thrilled about, but one of the producers noticed I’m pregnant. And perhaps she picked up on my willingness to tell-all and embarrass myself? Because she thought I’d be perfect for a video diary project with them, one all about the “truth” behind pregnancy.

Am I the girl for that job, or what?

On our call this week, I actually said, “Oh, scaring people about pregnancy and child birth is kinda my specialty.”

And, “Did I tell you I crave sand?”

To which they were like,”LEAD WITH THE SAND.” < paraphrased

I just recorded my first video diary, where I not only talk about wanting to eat sand, I actually sample a little. Because why not? I’ve been sneaking tiny bites here and there. It really does help tame my intense, insane cravings for it. Let’s just put it out there.

So yeah, big announcement y’all! I’m going to be on HLN’s Raising America, and it’s possible the first thing the rest of the world will learn about me is that I find the sight of a beach to be more appetizing than a chocolate sundae right now.


I wasn’t the only one who got the green light to contribute to Raising America. You can hear more about it in the clip from HLN below. I’m not sure when my segment(s?) will air yet, but I’ll be sure to let you all know. Maybe a few of you can tell me how it goes since… uhhhh… I don’t have cable.

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  1. I didn’t crave sand while pregnant, but did have the strongest craving for dirt/earth. So I’m sure someone watching will think, “Me, too!!”


  2. Dustin Lofquist on

    Great News! Get yourself some diatomaceous earth Food grade of course, and munch to your hearts delight! Tastes like a very fine dirt or sand and It’s good for pregnant mommas Iand everyone really, full of wonderful minerals, and totally safe…maybe just have a teaspoon 3 times a day and work up, since it’s also great for getting toxins out of your body and you don’t want them to all rush out at once and give you a headache for a day while they clear out. Happy Sand Munching.

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