FUNNIEST Teacher Appreciation Cards Ever

The end of the school year for us totally snuck up on me. As it does every year. So not only was I like, “Holy crap! I have to entertain my kids all day long now?” (Until summer school starts because YES they will be going to THAT.) But then I was also like, “Holy crap! I have nothing cute and thoughtful to give my kids’ amazing teachers!”

And being that I missed out on giving them any sort of Christmas gift (because I was too busy being pregnant and having the flu), and then I just skipped over Teacher Appreciation week this month (because hello? why is that so close to the end of the school year anyway?), I couldn’t let myself off the hook for this.

We adore our kids’ teachers. They do SO much for them. Seriously, the only reason my kids will have any sort of scrapbook from their early years is because their teachers always make one for them.

I found myself at Target this morning, and after running it by my Facebook page, felt quite good about the decision to just give them all Target gift cards and handwritten notes of thanks.

I WISH I would have seen this link before I got lost in work and then ran out the door to pick the kids up from school. I would have printed out these bad boys, designed by Chickabug, so fast.

Listen, I love being crafty and doing Pinterest-y things when I can. But I also love laughing at myself, and making others laugh. I dub these the funniest teacher appreciation cards ever. Amen.


Head on over to to download the free printables.

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  1. THANK YOU for featuring my cards!! I can’t believe you said they’re the funniest appreciation cards ever! Coming from the mastermind of the Inappropriate Elf, that assessment counts double in my book : )

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