He was supposed to be cleaning his room.


“Uhh… hey buddy. What’s… this? Your room’s not clean, and um…”

“Mom, I’m preparing to fight daddy. I need you to put this book back in my belt first.”

“Okay, good luck with that.”



Don’t worry. There was no fight. He came to our room to find Scott preparing to rip out all the baseboards, and Scott somehow convinced HIM to do it. My not even 5 year old correctly used a hammer and crow bar to rip out all our baseboards in the master bedroom. All by himself.


And to think we just wanted him to clean his room.

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3 thoughts on “Imagination and Determination (To Not Clean One’s Room)”

  1. Imaginations rule, man. My 3-yr-old put away all the groceries while wearing a mask and cape, kept saying, “No, no, Mommy, I can dooos this.” I can’t wait for him to be ready for hammer/screwdriver/crow bar duty.

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