A Half Decade Celebration Done Right With The Frisco RoughRiders

The Frisco RoughRiders baseball team provided a birthday party for Kendall in exchange for this post. All pictures and opinions are my own… and so are all the memories I get to keep. That’s pretty much the best part of all of this.


This is where we got to celebrate Kendall’s 5th birthday. Pretty amazing, right? That’s Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas. It’s home to the Frisco RoughRiders minor league baseball team, and it’s a place we’ve been visiting since Kendall was 3 years old.


 Kendall’s first RoughRiders game.

We go there every year for the 4th of July because they have the best seats in town for fireworks (relatively speaking, when compared to the ease of parking there).

With his birthday coinciding with the beginning of baseball season, I’ve always thought it would be the perfect venue for a birthday party for Kendall. It did not disappoint last weekend when we celebrated the big F-I-V-E.

A few of Kendall’s friends and their families joined us at the park prior to the start of the game. We got the entire playground (including the bounce house and pitching game) all to ourselves for the first hour. I’d like to start every baseball game off this way- letting the kids blow off lots of steam! Just one of the perks of the birthday party package. Though the playground is open to everyone during the game.




Yeah, that playground is pretty epic. The whole park is, actually. We’ve always been so impressed with how clean and family friendly it is. The birthday party package also includes hotdogs, chips, soda, and cupcakes for the entire group. This party could not have been more stress free for me, which was awesome considering how pregnant I’m feeling right now.





I originally thought I’d do some creative things, like order the family personalized baseball jerseys, and bring in fancy balloons and a photo setup.

Nope. No time. No energy. No followthrough.

No problem.

I really didn’t have to do a thing for this party to be awesome. I sent out Evites and met our guests at the gate with their tickets. I forgot candles and a lighter, and our party attendant tracked some down for me. I didn’t even have to worry about favors. Everyone went home with a RoughRiders baseball cap.


We all got tickets to see the game from some pretty fantastic seats, but we opted to move the party to the lawn under the scoreboard. Because 5 year olds. And their little brothers and sisters. You get it.




The kids played hard the entire time. I’m not sure how much baseball watching was actually going on, but they seemed interested for brief moments here and there.


Okay, maybe just interested in playing on the fence.

Leyna was mostly interested in eating lots of snacks… and not the healthy kind. Aren’t indulgences what birthday parties are for?



Go home, toddler. You are drunk. On junkfood.

At least she shared.


And burned off some sugar with a few belly laughs.


And my little big guy, my almost 5 year old (just 3 more days… eek!), had the most spectacular celebration of the first half decade of his life.


I’m thrilled the RoughRiders thew this fantastic party for Kendall. It’s something I’ve wanted to do forever, so working with them on this blog collaboration was a 100% natural fit. We look forward to many more games to come!

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting a birthday party or other group outing with the RoughRiders, check out their website. And if you live in DFW and haven’t made it to a RoughRiders game, go. Get lawn seats if you have young kids! Don’t forget blankets to sit on. 

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    • Thanks! I would never have chosen to go to a minor league baseball game had it not been the best option to see fireworks on July 4th a couple years ago. Ever since then, we’ve been hooked!

      • I totally get that that’s a steep price for many when it comes to a birthday party. It is for us! Before the RoughRiders gave us this package, we were looking at buying lawn seats for our guests and tailgating with pizza before the game in the parking lot. That’s another, less expensive option!

    • Actually, for 20 people, including EVERYTHING, from food and drinks to favors and a private rental of the playground? Not to mention tickets to great seats? Thats really a great deal. Granted, I’m not saying $400 is cheap. It’s a lot to spend on a party. But really, for most parties that you host outside of a public park (like bounce houses, etc.) the costs add up pretty quickly when you count having to buy things like decorations and favors and food. Not the cheapest option there is, but I think the $400 price tag for 20 people is more than fair.

  1. Courtney Helms on

    Sounds like an awesome birthday party! If only my boy had been born a little later in the year…hard to have a baseball party in March!

  2. Holy cow Leyna looks just like you in that playground picture!

    What a great way to celebrate a birthday. I can’t believe you just posted about a fifth birthday.

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  4. Wow~ That is seriously awesome!!!! That ballpark looks amazing and what a great party package. We easily spend that much money on birthday parties esp with the food and cake and decor, I think that is awesome! I gotta check out our local minor league baseball team!!!!

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