The Windows Phone Is Making Me An Awesome Wife

Scott and I couldn’t be more opposite sometimes.

He’s an early riser, I like to stay up late.
He’s a letter-of-the-law kind of guy, I like to leave stuff up to interpretation (and push the speed limit).
He doesn’t like pumpkin pie or stuffing, I just… GIVE THEM ALL TO ME, honey.
He’s a PC, I’m a Mac.

He’s been wanting to try a Windows phone for a long time, and in one of the few instances where having a wife who “makes a living” (quotes totally deserved) blogging pays off, I got to grant his wish.

I asked what a few of his favorite things are about the Windows phone, and here’s what he said:

1. He likes that it’s Microsoft Office compatible. He’s been traveling a lot for work lately, giving presentations, and he’s able to review his Power Point slides while he’s traveling.

2. He loves using One Note to keep track of all his notes and sync them across to his work and home computers (both PCs). Bonus for the ability to add audio notes by simply pushing a button and speaking into his phone.

3. He’s downloaded the TuneIn app, which let’s him listen to Blues hockey games whenever they are on, no matter where we’re at. And he’s accessing his membership through their app for the Windows phone. For the kids? He’s added Netflix. These are all pinned to his home screen so they are easy to access.

In short, he’s falling in love with it just like I knew he would.

And I have to say, even though I’m still a Mac at heart, this Windows phone IS pretty cool. It’s super easy to customize, and I love how you can keep in touch and keep track of people across various social media platforms at the same time. The display is gorgeous, and I give the camera 2 thumbs up. Time will tell if it wins me over 100%, but I’m pretty sure Scott just asked it to be his 2nd wife.

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Windows Phone.

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