Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas

I’m prepping for a weekend of my kids on crack. And by crack, of course, I mean sugar. It’s really beyond my control. We’re going to be around a lot of family, and visiting homes that will have an abundance of candy, cookies and cakes out for the taking. What I can control, though, is what goes in the Easter eggs.

Here are some non-candy egg stuffer ideas.

For Leyna’s 2nd Easter, the first one she could really walk around and collect eggs, we stuffed all her eggs with alphabet magnets. One $5 bag was more than enough for all the eggs she could carry.

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If you have older kids, I love this idea of printing off coupons for them. Not only are they a non-candy idea, but they’re free! I got the printable from

Along those same lines, I love the idea of printing off a picture of something big, or something that you couldn’t put in an Easter basket, turning it into a puzzle and putting each piece in an egg. Then having the kids put the pieces together to figure out what it is. Take, for example, a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge! Because sometimes the very last thing we all need is more stuff, big or small.

And don’t overlook how fun it is to skip right past the traditional Easter basket, and let the container help you set the tone for the goodies. Have a budding fashionista in the family? Were you a child of the 80s and 90s? Did you know Caboodles are back? Oh yes, yes they are. Perfect containers for eggs stuffed with jewelry, hair clips, socks and – of course- Lip Smackers.

If you have any LEGO lovers in the house, fill the eggs with the bricks, and get one of these cool LEGO head containers instead of a basket. I got ours from the Container Store.

Finally, a watering can is a great alternative to a basket for collecting eggs stuffed with seeds. Put a trowel, garden shovel and some garden gloves in there, and your budding little green-thumb will be all set.

I got to show all these ideas off on D Living this morning. Check out the video below!

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  2. Great ideas. Since we went gluten free in the house, holidays like Halloween and Easter are a bit trickier. I’m still learning which goodies are completely safe for her, plus she will never be able to have a full loot like I had as a kid. Love the idea of getting her used to a less candy oriented celebration.

  3. Birgit Brunner on

    I totally did the watering can easter-nest today – even without seeing your post 🙂
    The kids loved it!

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