Have a spare crib mattress laying around?  A lot of parents do once their final baby graduates from the toddler bed, so even if you don’t have one free right now, chances are someone you know… or someone on Craigslist does.

Scott and I came up with this easy project that turns a crib mattress into a beautiful dog bed, perfect for big dogs or for smaller dogs to share. It’s easy to customize it to work with any decor.

Head on over to the Red Barn Blog to get the full tutorial. It’s an easy weekend, beginner builder project.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Dog Bed from Upcycled Crib Mattress”

  1. Great idea! But what do you do if your giant puppy ass of a dog likes nothing better than to rip the stuffing out of his bed?
    On second thought, this might be a great solution, especially if I secure the mattress to the pallet well enough…

    1. That is actually a great point because our lab- the one pictured- is a nester. So, I think for her to really like this bed, we’ll have to pile a couple blankets on it for her to nest in.

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