I’ve been focusing on maintaining a level of sanity around here this week that has required me to neglect blogging. It seems that I can only have 2 of these 3- happy kids, clean house, updated blog and all things related to that. Typically, it’s the house the loses out, but I’m craving some clean around here lately. Blame the nesting. So, sorry blog.

What I can do for you, though, is present you with a photo bomb post and this sweet video of Leyna singing. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Bath Bomb With Musical Accompaniment”

  1. Not exactly on topic – but beyond the cuteness of your kiddies playing in the bath – I am LOVING your bath tapware (we’re in the middle of renovations and nice tapware is sooop hard to find). Do you have any idea of make/model etc?
    Elizabeth 🙂

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