Trouble In Camera Paradise

I was tired of the old one. I felt held down, stifled. He was too limiting. He was boring me, frankly. I knew there were others who could do so much more, others that promised to inspire my creativity.

I was ready for a change. I wasn’t 100% committed to the old one. Never was. I always knew I’d move on eventually, and it was time.

So late last year I sold my trusty (if boring) Canon T2i to make a big upgrade. I got me a Canon MK II- a full frame DSLR. A professional grade camera. Probably a little out of my league, yeah, but I had the opportunity to snag him, so I did, and I didn’t make any mention to him about me not being quite a “professional.” I figured I’d fake it till I made it, hoping he wouldn’t notice my stumbling fingers as I tried to get to know him.

I thought he would be easy. I thought he would sweep me off my feet with his big camera muscles. I thought we’d fall in love quickly.

I thought wrong.

He’s not perfect, it turns out. He’s not an open book, either, and I still haven’t had time to completely read the book he came with, which is vastly different from his inferior-but-trusty predecessor’s. He likes to piss me off by not focusing on things, and the pictures he gives me SOOC seem blah and sometimes grainy.

I swear, my center focus point was PRECISELY on that water drop. WHY is it not in focus?? 1/500 SS, f/ 2.0, 400 iso

I’ve been putting all the blame on him for a while, but I know deep down it’s a 2 way street. I know I’m largely to blame for not taking alllll the time needed to learn all his functions, all the best in camera settings, how to properly expose a shot with him to decrease noise. He’s just so very different from the old one. And so stubborn.

But then? I know his potential. I know what he can do when we finally get it, the 2 of us. I was tempted, for a brief time, to upgrade him, but it’s not fair… to my bank account.

So we’re going through a bit of  camera-relationship-counseling. I guess the first step is I actually have to touch him.

We went on a little walk in the rain today. I tried to be patient with him, to really think of HIS needs, not what the old one needed.

I think we made some progress.

I’m not giving up on us yet, baby.


If any of you have tips and tricks for Canon MK IIs, I’m all ears! Right now my only lens is my 50 1.4, but I’m strongly considering asking for a 35L for my birthday/Valentines/MothersDay present.

Also, perhaps this is also in conjunction with a winter blah funk? Because there’s really not anything fun to take pictures of right now, and my house is pretty much always a mess since I’m so tired lately. I’m hoping Spring will bring love our way.