Hold Me. I’m Scared Of This Baby.

This baby is trying to break me. It’s testing me.

I’m in the 2nd trimester- the ¬†honeymoon trimester- and it’s laughing in my face. This pregnancy has been the hardest of the 3 in terms of how I feel. Granted, kicking things off at 9 weeks with full blown flu certainly didn’t help, but it feels like I’ve been dealing with some form of blerg and gag ever since.

There was a brief window last week when I thought, “BEHOLD! The 2nd trimester is nigh! And it is good!”¬†And then this week happened. Headaches, indigestion, aches, pains, and YAY the food aversions are baaaAAACK.

This baby has made me hate nearly everything I once loved.

Coffee? Hate.
Wine? Disgusts.
Chocolate? Wretch.
Any and all food? So much hate.
Husband? There are moments of strong loathing.

Hell, even by the end of this I’m sure I’ll be hating sleep, my most favorite thing of all.

The only thing it hasn’t made me hate are my other children (though be sure my temper is much shorter with them at times). I think this has to do with all 3 being born of the same womb lined in evil powers… that they can’t use against each other.

Instead, the 3rd will get here, and it will be like the trifecta of evil doom is complete, and they’ll form some sort of jungle animal when they all roll together and shoot me with their laser beams.

I am very scared.