Get Rid Of (Kid) Stuff!

Who else is itching for a good, early spring cleaning?

I can’t wait for life to settle down a little next week so I can go through both the kids’ closets and just get. rid. of. stuff.

I’m not one to hang on to all their clothes, not even for the next baby. Sure, I’ve saved a few things- the special things, the really expensive/totally have to get another kid to wear that to justify it things, the things like pajamas that have no real season. But all of that fits in one plastic tub. Everything else has left our house as a donation or I’ve sold it via one of these avenues.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of (kid) stuff:

(Scroll to the bottom to check out my clip on Texas Living, discussing these options in detail.)


The Divine Consign Spring Sale Dates for 2013

Consignment Sales-

In the North Texas area, we have a few fantastic, twice yearly consignment sales. My favorite is the Divine Consign sale in Plano. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As a consignor, you can really make a a great profit off of your kids’ clothes IF you price it right (i.e. NOT TOO MUCH!). And if you’re expecting and need to stock up for the baby, do not touch  a baby store door until you see what you can scoop up here.

There is also a sale in Grapevine, but I’ve had less than stellar results there as a consignor, and the selection is much smaller for buyers than the Plano sale.  You can find out more about it on the Divine Consign website.

If you don’t live ’round these parts, ask around and find out what consignment sales happen in your part of the country. The pro to these is you can make good money, the con is it’s a lot more work than just dropping your stuff off at the consignment store.

That leads me to…

Consignment Stores-

While you might not make as much money selling your kids’ clothes to a brick and mortar store, it couldn’t be a simpler option. Just find out what your local store’s buying hours and/or days are, and head up there with all the gently used, in season clothes your kids have outgrown. Two popular chains in the North Texas area are Kid To Kid and Once Upon A Child.

With these stores, you will be paid up front for what the store chooses to buy from you. (They’ll turn away anything that’s out of date, too worn, stained or ripped, or anything they have too much of already.) Many times, you can get even more cash value if you choose to take a store credit from them to buy up new (to you) clothes.

Please note, there are also other consignment stores that don’t pay you until your clothes sell, so be sure to find out what their policy is before taking your clothes in.

Online Options

This is a company that has evolved over the last couple of years into what works a bit like an online consignment store. Simply order a clean out bag from them, stuff it full of your gently used kids’ clothes, send it back (they pay the shipping!), and either choose to take a cash payment via PayPal for what they buy from you, or use your credit toward more clothes.

I just learned about Listia, and haven’t used it personally, but the concept seems cool. I think I’ll give it a try next month after I get around to our big purge. You can list nearly any item (not just your kids’ clothes) for free, but there is no exchange of money. Other Listia members can purchase your items with credits, and you can purchase other items with the credits you earn from your sales. Now, this is not just for other used items listed by other members. You can also use your credits in the Listia Rewards store to purchase new items, like cameras, gift cards, and video games.

I had the chance to discuss all these options with Kimberly Whitman on Texas Living this morning. You can watch the full clip below.