Emerald and Orange Boys Bicycle Nursery

In my fantasy world, this baby gets a room of his or her own that I get to lovingly decorate for really no reason at all other than to be an expensive room to change diapers in for the first 5 months.

Reality is this baby will likely not have a room of their own for quite some time, and all they will get is a co-sleeper and who knows what we’ll do with all their clothes.

But I like my fantasy world better. It keeps me occupied when I’m up late with pregnancy insomnia. So I designed this emerald and orange boys bicycle nursery tonight, you know, for fantasy fun.

I really love this year’s Pantone Color of the Year- emerald green. It is a gorgeous, rich color that works beautifully for boys, girls, home decor, fashion, everything.

So I took my inspiration from that and a sweet bicycle fabric I stumbled upon on CityCraftOnline.com (the same fabric store that helped me dream up Leyna’s PB&J Tiny Traveler nursery).

I also took into account that even in my fantasy world, I wouldn’t have time to sew everything this time, so I found some pre-made sheets and bedding at Pottery Barn Kids in a neutral gray chevron that works nicely. I would make the bedskirt and crib rail guard from the bicycle fabric, adding some orange polkadot fabric for accent pieces.

I love that Polyvore has made it so easy for me to link you to all my inspiration (so much found on Etsy!).

The only thing that’s not linked is the crib, and that’s actually our crib that we got years ago when Kendall was born from Babies R Us. It’s no longer sold, but we do love it so. I’m glad I fought hard to find clean lines in a crib less than $1k 5 years ago! Now there are so many great, inexpensive options out there. Check out this one from Ikea!

Since we don’t know what we’re having and won’t be finding out until he or she is born (Yes! Team Green! How very 2013 and trendy of me.) I’ll, of course, have to design a little girl’s emerald nursery next. Stay tuned!