A Lullaby For Your Fetus

Gather ’round, and let’s sing a song about babies before we drift off to sleep, friends.

Rockabye baby in your mom’s ute

When you come out, we know you’ll be cute

But when you’re in there, and still quite small

You look like an alien and creep out us all

Awww, that’s my baby, in all it’s 13 week old fetus glory. I laughed so hard at this image that I could barely keep still long enough to take a pic of it with my phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super adorable from all other angles.

Actually, I’d argue it’s adorable from this one, too. I mean, it’s totally fist-bumping, right? So cute.

But it’s really probably only adorable to me. To the rest of you? TERRIFYING.

Sweet dreams!