This Is How Mom Butt Happens, Right? They Take It From You?


There’s been a lovely, dramatic change in the way I feel recently. Just this time last week I was afraid of my (possibly evil) baby for how uncomfortable it was making me. So achey, so FULL and crampy. I even went to the midwife to be sure it wasn’t something serious. Nope. Normal. All of […]

Get Rid Of (Kid) Stuff!


Who else is itching for a good, early spring cleaning? I can’t wait for life to settle down a little next week so I can go through both the kids’ closets and just get. rid. of. stuff. I’m not one to hang on to all their clothes, not even for the next baby. Sure, I’ve […]

EXTREME Food Aversions While Pregnant – Was This You?

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but I had to get out of the trenches before I felt safe enough to document it and ask about it. With all 3 pregnancies, I’ve never really got to the point of puking when I felt sick, save a couple times that […]

Emerald and Orange Boys Bicycle Nursery

In my fantasy world, this baby gets a room of his or her own that I get to lovingly decorate for really no reason at all other than to be an expensive room to change diapers in for the first 5 months. Reality is this baby will likely not have a room of their own […]