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2013 Inappropriate Elf Top 10

This is late. I know. Here, have some eggnog as my apology. Anna from HaHas For HooHas just helped me firm up the top 10 list forView full post »


The Random Acts Of Kindness Elf Challenge

“Mr. Hall has had a rough year, mom. That’s what Jake said. That’s why we need to be extra kind to him. He is goingView full post »


#InappropriateElf Contest Extension Because The Baby Owns Me

Hey! Guess what I just decided? The Inappropriate Elf contest will not close to entries until this Friday night. That’s December 20thView full post »


Babies Don’t Keep, But Laundry Doesn’t Wash Itself

Babies don’t keep, but laundry also does not do itself. So while I’ve been busy soaking in every moment with this adorableView full post »


9 Things Potty-Training Toddlers Do In Public

Our nearly 3 year old is mostly potty-trained. You might be thinking I’m very excited about this. I mostly am. Except for all thoseView full post »


Less Stress, More Fun Holiday Picture Tips

Sometimes the stress of getting card-worthy family pictures is enough to make us want to draw stick figures in Paint, I know. But beforeView full post »


2013 Inappropriate Elf Contest #InappropriateElf

Listen, elf. I know this job of yours is stressful this time of year. Parents are putting a lot of pressure on you to perform. They wantView full post »


It’s Time To Wake The Elves #InappropriateElf

He’s been a bad, bad boy. And he’s back for a 3rd year of inappropriate fun. 1st Inappropriate ElfView full post »


The Skylanders Swap Force Play Date

A giant truck, wrapped in Skylander Swap Force graphics, pulled onto our street as the kids waited for me to “set up ourView full post »


A Facebook Celebration and a Shutterbag Giveaway!

When I started blogging 6 years ago, I never, ever, ever thought more than a handful of people would read it. And I never intended thatView full post »


Vacationing With Just One Baby

There is something to be said for experience and perspective as a parent. For us, that cliche first-time-parent mold fit perfectly whenView full post »


Holiday PJ Roundup

This is not something I typically do. I’m not really a shopping/fashion/deals blogger, but I’m currently looking online forView full post »


Tales From The Toilet

Today has been a pukey, poopy day. Kendall has the flu. Ugh. UGH. Flu B, as confirmed this morning at the walk-in clinic. So far,View full post »


Tell Me How Beautiful It Is To Watch Them Fly

I’m holding 3 tiny hands, alternating walking with sometimes sprinting and rare moments of complete stillness. On a crooked road,View full post »


Repurposed Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Hey! If you caught me on The Broadcast on KTXD this morning, you might be here looking for a link to this tutorial. I re-made a burlapView full post »


“The Best Halloween Ever” (And Costume Tutorials)

Well, we pulled it off! This Halloween was basically the best ever. And I’m not just saying that because my firstView full post »


I Took A Leap- Jill Krause Photography

Remember when our government shut down? Good times. My husband works for the federal government, and he was sent home. For the first weekView full post »


Our Boy, His Joy, And A Homemade Skylanders Costume

I’m not making my kid’s Halloween costume to win any parenting awards or to compete with anyone. No question, if this costumeView full post »


Last Minute Pumpkin Decor Ideas

I can’t let myself freak out that Halloween is about a week away. No, really. DON’T FREAK OUT. I just have an entire SkylandersView full post »


A Memo To Me Re: The State Fair

Hey, Jill. I have a little memo for you to read in about a year. Around the time when summer is kicking your ass and you could cry justView full post »


That Time My Breasts Met Joshua Radin

Sometimes I wish I could just magically transport my thoughts from my head to this blog in real time. No wordpress app and iPhone required.View full post »


Kindergarten Fantasy vs. Reality

For years, since my first baby was old enough to throw tantrums and beg to paint things and cover them in glitter, I have waxed poeticView full post »


Pettiskirt Bouquet DIY

This creative way to gift a lucky little girl a fun pettiskirt could not be easier. There’s not even any hot glueView full post »


Postpartum Realities

“Why do I always forget how miserable I am after having a baby?” I asked Scott with tears in my eyes. It was a rhetoricalView full post »


There’s A New Baby In Town- The Birth Announcement

 New Baby In Town birth announcement design by  So these went out this weekend. Finally. (Which is more thanView full post »


Babies Grow Fast, Yo

 Let’s talk consignment sales! This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends, a Dallas area consignmentView full post »


Bixby The Black Cat Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Oh yeah. I’m about to get all crafty up in here. It’s been a while, but there’s something about theView full post »


Lower Expectations

My alarm went off at 6:15 this morning, but I was already awake. Lowell woke up at 5:15 when Scott got up for work, and never went back toView full post »


Pictures of Our Week 2

First, let’s lead with THAT up there. My cousin sent Lowell this freaking ADORABLE outfit over the weekend. ItView full post »


Baby Baggage- What I Took To The Hospital

 It doesn’t actually take bags full of stuff to have a baby. Technically, you just have to show up, or not…View full post »


Pictures Of Our Week

Another week has passed, and a million things I’ve wanted to tell you all about (okay, at least 27 on my to-write list) sit in myView full post »


Google It- On Tech & Parenting

“Is his belly button supposed to bleed like that after the cord comes off?” “I don’t know. Let me GoogleView full post »


Living In Our PJs

I’m really glad we put a little effort into our bedroom before Lowell got here because it’s basically our own 2 man (or oneView full post »


I Didn’t Cry

Kendall’s first day of kindergarten was yesterday. I didn’t cry. Be sure, there were plenty of emotions inView full post »


Lowell’s Birth Story

I’d been pregnant for about… 7ish years. In my head. Technically, I was 40 weeks, 5 days, but in my head? A full sevenView full post »


A Pork Be Inspired Giveaway

The food situation in this house is a bad one, friends. We’ve basically been living off of fast food. I mean, yes, I know… IView full post »