2013 Inappropriate Elf Top 10


This is late. I know. Here, have some eggnog as my apology. Anna from HaHas For HooHas just helped me firm up the top 10 list for this year. It. Was. Hard. Because y’all make pretty freaking brilliant and hilarious inappropriate elves. So I’m just going to get to it. Here’s the top 10 in […]

The Random Acts Of Kindness Elf Challenge


“Mr. Hall has had a rough year, mom. That’s what Jake said. That’s why we need to be extra kind to him. He is going to LOVE this,” Kendall said as he put the finishing touches on a secret gift for our neighbor. ****************************** Last Saturday morning our elf made his return for the season. […]

#InappropriateElf Contest Extension Because The Baby Owns Me


Hey! Guess what I just decided? The Inappropriate Elf contest will not close to entries until this Friday night. That’s December 20th at 11:59 pm CST, giving you 2 extra days. Why? Because this. Does that look like the face of a baby who cares that I have a contest to moderate and promote and […]

Babies Don’t Keep, But Laundry Doesn’t Wash Itself


Babies don’t keep, but laundry also does not do itself. So while I’ve been busy soaking in every moment with this adorable squish… and Scott was busy trying to keep the other 2 kids from burning the house down, all of THIS was just sitting there, in mountains on our bathroom floor (and the entire […]