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The One Where I Play 2012 Catchup – The Christmas Wrap Up

Ahh! It’s the 31st already! And I feel like today is the last day I can blog about Christmas stuff and still feel relevant. SoView full post »


Time Marches On

After the whirlwind and beat-down that was this month, somehow Christmas managed to come and pass and we had just enough of our ishView full post »


The Top 11 Inappropriate Elves 2012

Whew. Dusting off the old computer with one hand while blowing my nose with the other. It’s been a doozie of a month. I found out IView full post »


On The 10th Day of Christmas My True Loves Gave To Me The Flu

Kendall didn’t feel well all last weekend. I chalked it up to another cold, and even sent him to school on Tuesday because he seemedView full post »


Shine The Light

Shine the light. It’s the only way to find our way out. It’s the only way to find joy again. It’s the only way to findView full post »


Trying To Fight Overdoing Christmas

I struggle a bit with this season, especially as the kids get older. I’m pulled between the urge (which I think is just engrained inView full post »


DIY Tablet Sleeve Sewing Tutorial

Last month, before I got super exhausted and icky from this pregnancy, I made an easy-peasy tablet sleeve tutorial for The PaperView full post »


I’m so pregnant…

that I’m too tired and sick to come up with something witty to write to tell you all how pregnant I am. I thinkView full post »


Inappropriate Elf Voting And Stuff

Voting is in full swing for the Inappropriate Elf entries, and I’ve had quite a few emails and comments with questions. SoView full post »


Fall Fields, Photographing Friends, And Do You Believe In Orbs?

I’ve been terrible with taking pictures of us and our life lately. I keep meaning to make it a priority (and I’m actuallyView full post »


Even Inappropriate Elves Can Help People

The ladies from HaHas for HooHas are really… special. I love them for their humor and talent (and Jen’s madView full post »


Turn Your Photos Into Stories- Photobucket Stories

Sometimes we need more than just a Facebook photo album and picture captions to tell the story of an event. Sometimes we need a digitalView full post »


The Big CoolSculpting Reveal

Excuse me while I puke from anxiety. You guys? I have never, ever, ever liked showing my stomach in the company of close friends at a poolView full post »


Live Your Life, Jessica!

So Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. An “unexpected” pregnancy, 7 months after she gave birth to her firstView full post »


Home Reno: Sometimes It’s Just The Little Things (And A Moen Giveaway!)

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. It’s kinda like a toddler magnet. Leyna’s really into using theView full post »


Burlap Pomp Wreath Tutorial

I think I’m getting a reputation as the crazy wreath lady because people keep asking me to make more. I guess it’s an earnedView full post »


2nd Annual Inappropriate Elf Contest #InappropriateElf

It’s the moment some of us have been waiting for since we put away that sly little elf last year. Visions of inappropriate elfView full post »


Shop Small on Saturday

I am as guilty as it gets when it comes to getting swept up in the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve sat in lines outsideView full post »


A Love Letter To My Toddler

Dear daughter, I will always love you. Even when you’re knee deep in the shitter. I may, however, request that you take a bath firstView full post »


Get Instagram Pics Off Your Phone And Into Your Home

I’ve fallen in love with Instagram over the last year and a half as a quick place to share random moments. They’re often theView full post »


Suburban Mom Blogger Problems

I opened the jug of milk right there in the parking lot. I happened to find a bottle of water rolling around in the back of the car, whichView full post »


Prepare For The Inappropriate Elves

They’re coming. They’re growing restless in their dark boxes. They’re whispering in your attic. They’re plottingView full post »


DIY Antler Tutorial

This wreath is based on my Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath tutorial, but this version is a little less goofy,View full post »


Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath

This reindeer wreath can be done a few different ways, so please feel free to be creative! Eyes and nose on the top?View full post »


Santa Tulle Wreath Tutorial

Per the request of many of you, I’m posting Christmasy tulle wreath tutorials today so you have time to make them between now andView full post »


My Life the Cliche, My Friend Suzy Jenkins

I got a text from a friend who recently had a baby tonight. And then, a few hours later, I found myself feelingView full post »


In Search Of Not-A-Minivan – The 2012 Honda Pilot Review

If you drive a minivan, please don’t take it personally. I do not judge you. I believe you when you say you love your swagger wagonsView full post »


5 Tips For Taking Pictures Of Yourself

There’s been a bit of a movement lately to encourage moms to get in front of the camera. I’ve blogged about it before, aboutView full post »


How Can We Escape Puke & Poop?

That was Scott’s question to me earlier as he cleaned out Leyna’s little potty after she successfully filled it to theView full post »


An Update On Jamie – Mom to Newborn & Toddler, Mom Fighting Cancer

If you’ve been anxious for an update on Jamie – the mom who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer while pregnant, the momView full post »


Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial

Halloween is behind us and the Monster Wreath is safely tucked away for next year. Now, I know some people are eager to start busting outView full post »


My Halloween Treat? A New Camera

I have crafts to make, pumpkins to carve and candy-rabid children to keep at bay today, so not much time for a postView full post »


You Can’t Freeze Time, But You Can Record It – School Years Giveaway

I pulled Kendall’s momAgenda School Years organizer out today to fill some information in and glue in a picture of him from k-3View full post »


Thoughts On Adding Another- Would 3 Be Tempting Fate?

We’ve reached the point in time when people are now openly asking us when we will have another baby. We’ve been quite open withView full post »


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes: LEGO & Ladybug

If you’re like a lot of parents out there, it’s the weekend before Halloween and you still don’t have a costume for yourView full post »


Newborn Genome Sequencing- Would You Want To Know If You Could?

The day Leyna was born, just hours after she was placed in our arms, Scott’s 32-year-old cousin died from complications related toView full post »